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Historic chimneys in older homes present unique needs when it comes to preservation and repair. Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham specializes in historic chimney restoration projects for our customers in Framingham and all South Shore communities. We take on challenging restoration jobs other chimney companies avoid.

historic chimney repair in Framingham MAHere’s how we can help restore and preserve your historic chimney.

Chimney Relining

If your chimney is lacking a chimney liner, one needs to be installed. Since the mid-1900s, the majority of chimneys have been built with quality liners. Today, virtually every county and municipality in the U.S. requires that new chimneys include a liner.

Without a chimney liner, the interior chimney masonry and adjacent building materials of your home can be at risk of damage from fire, smoke and acidic compounds. Worse, toxic combustion gases including deadly carbon monoxide can pass from the flue to your home’s living spaces.

In most cases, we recommend stainless steel chimney liners for historic Framingham residences. These liners are strong, easy to install and will provide ultimate safety for many years to come. Along with new liner installations, we offer a full menu of chimney repair services specifically for historic chimney restoration projects.

Brick Replacement

Our Framingham customers appreciate the fact that we can replace just the bricks that are damaged rather than charging them to rebuild the whole chimney.

Tuckpointing to replace crumbling mortar joints

When mortar crumbles in an older chimney, the whole structure can begin to lean and eventually collapse.

Masonry waterproofing

We use a special product that keeps rain and snow out of surface cracks while preventing the buildup of trapped moisture.

Historic chimney crown rebuilding/repair

Older crowns often suffer deterioration that allows water to move into the interior chimney and cause widespread, expensive damage.

Full-width chimney cap installation/chimney cap repair

A full-width custom chimney cap protects both the flue opening and the chimney crown. We repair damaged caps and flue covers and install new quality caps.

Resolution of venting/drafting issues

We’ll find out why your chimney is drafting sluggishly and fix the problem to prevent smoke and deadly carbon monoxide from backing up into your home.

Fireplace damper repair/replacement

Very old dampers often are rusted and no longer can open and close completely. We’ll inspect your damper and recommend either repair work or the installation of a new damper.

fireplace repair in Framingham MAFirebox repair

We repair a lot of older fireboxes throughout the Framingham area to restore safety, functionality and beauty.

Smoke chamber parging

When we parge (or smooth out) your smoke chamber, smoke will draft more efficiently and less creosote will build up.

Chimney flashing installation/repair

The gap between your roof and exterior chimney must be secure, otherwise water will move in and cause serious problems.

Call the Historic Chimney Experts

Above & Beyond has offered chimney services to Framingham residents for more than 20 years. We perform historic chimney restoration services and all types of repairs to chimney structures and their components.

Call us for a thorough chimney inspection prior to starting your restoration project so you’ll know exactly what’s required to get your older chimney in line with local fire safety and building codes. If it’s been more than a year since your chimney was properly cleaned, our experienced chimney technicians have the tools and training to safely remove flammable creosote and draft-blocking debris.

We work year-round throughout Framingham and all southern Massachusetts communities. Speak with a chimney expert today at (774) 244-3980.