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Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham has been keeping our customers’ chimney systems in top shape for more than 20 years with timely chimney repair and rebuilding work. Whatever is wrong with your chimney, we know how to make it right.

Our CSIA-certified lead technicians are ready to help you with whatever your chimney needs to once again operate safely and efficiently.

chimney liner repair in Framingham MAFramingham Chimney Repair

Services we provide include:

  • Chimney masonry repair – tuckpointing, brick replacement, chimney waterproofing
  • Chimney liner repair & installation of new, long-lasting stainless steel liners
  • Chimney leak detection & repair
  • Resolution of drafting/venting issues
  • Chimney crown repair & rebuilding
  • Chimney cap repair & installation of new full-width custom chimney caps
  • Smoke chamber parging to smooth out the chamber for efficient drafting & safety
  • Chimney flashing repair & replacement
  • Smoke shelf repair
  • Firebox & brick repair

Why Doing Your Own Chimney Repairs Isn’t Advisable

Chimney systems aren’t simple to understand – at least not at the level required to perform safe, proper repairs. While we talk about the different repair projects we offer in basic terms, often they’re anything but basic.

Many chimney jobs require multiple steps, all of which are in place to ensure a quality result and to prevent other problems as the days and weeks and months pass.
Above & Beyond’s Framingham chimney repair technicians have extensive hands-on training and in-depth knowledge of chimney systems. We understand chimneys from a structural standpoint and a functional standpoint. We know the right materials and tools to use, and we know the many strategies involved in the most intricate and sensitive chimney repair scenarios.

8 Things You Can Do for Your Chimney

While we discourage our Framingham customers from undertaking actual chimney repair work, we definitely encourage them to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of their chimneys.

Framingham MA chimney repairHere are eight ways you can help to keep your chimney in great shape.

  1. Burn only actual firewood – never use other materials like plastic, foam, cardboard, magazines, clothing, furniture or anything else.
  2. Use seasoned firewood – that means dry wood rather than wood that’s still damp and will create much more smoke (and creosote).
  3. Never start a fire with accelerants – light fluid, charcoal starter, kerosene and similar fluids burn too hot and can flare up and cause injury.
  4. Do regular visual inspections – check out your firebox and chimney masonry periodically to spot early signs of damage.
  5. Don’t overload your firebox – too much wood can create excess heat and smoke.
  6. Never leave home with a fire burning – many house and chimney fires have gotten out of hand this way.
  7. Be aware of signs of a chimney fire – these include tapping and rumbling sounds coming from the fireplace and more-than-usual amounts of dark smoke exiting either end of the chimney.
  8. Arrange chimney repairs quickly – this way, small problems won’t turn into big, expensive and dangerous problems.

With you doing your part and us doing our part, we’ll keep your Framingham chimney working optimally and providing years of safe enjoyment for you and your family. Call Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham today for the very best in chimney inspections, chimney rebuilding, chimney cleaning and chimney repairs. Reach us at (774) 244-3980.