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Fireplace Repair – Tuckpointing & Brick Replacement For Your Firebox

Fireplaces take a lot of punishment over the years. The intense heat of blazing fires along with the corrosive effects of acidic combustion gases can take their toll on the bricks, mortar and other elements that make up a fireplace. Timely fireplace repair is the best way to keep your appliance clean and healthy, season after season.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service of Dedham MA is on-call year-round throughout the entire South Shore region of Massachusetts for expert fireplace repairs, firebox rebuilding and other critical services.

firebox repair in dedham maWhy Fireplace Repair Is so Important

The danger of neglecting the proper inspection and repair of your fireplace is two-fold:

  1. Holes, gaps and cracks in the masonry or other material that surrounds your fireplace can allow toxic gases to enter your home. Of particular concern is carbon monoxide, which is invisible and odorless but is known to be potentially fatal to people and pets.
  2. Masonry and mortar joints damaged by years of high temperatures can put adjacent building materials of the home at risk of fire.

Fireplace Repair Services

We’re able to address any issues your fireplace is experiencing with the right repairs done by experienced professionals.

Brick and mortar repair

Heat and acidic toxins will eventually cause crumbling or decay in the firebricks and refractory mortar used to construct fireplaces. Tuckpointing is a process where we scrape out deteriorated mortar and replace it with a strong new compound. Bricks that have become loose or damaged can be replaced.

Firebox rebuilding

In cases where a fireplace has suffered severe damage, the best solution may be to rebuild the firebox. Like all other fireplace services, rebuilding should be performed only by a licensed, certified technician who is skilled in this job.

Fireplace waterproofing

Water leaking in from somewhere in the chimney system can cause rusting and decay within a fireplace. Prevention is accomplished by waterproofing some or all areas within the fireplace/firebox. A chimney inspection will discover what’s causing the leaky chimney. We can then repair that problem.

Fireplace damper repair/replacement

Dampers that have become rusty and won’t properly close and open can be trouble. The point of a damper is to create a tight seal to keep outside and inside air from exchanging. Rust and damage can impair the operation of a damper. Severely damaged dampers can easily be replaced.

fireplace repair in dedham ma

Fireplace & Chimney Inspections

By having your fireplace and chimney inspected once a year, you’ll be alerted to early signs of damage and malfunction and be able to get problems fixed quickly. This can save you thousands of dollars on major repair jobs that often are required after a fireplace and chimney have been operated for years without the proper attention.

If you’re having trouble with your fireplace and would like to have an expert discover what’s wrong and show you how it should be repaired, call Above & Beyond Chimney Service today at (781) 383-0415. We’ve been providing expert fireplace repair, chimney repair, system inspections and certified chimney sweeping since 1997.

We proudly serve Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Braintree MA, Duxbury MA, Hanover MA, Hingham MA, Marshfield MA and other local communities.