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Professional Chimney Waterproofing – Is Your Chimney Weather Damaged?

Chimney waterproofing is a great way to prevent serious brick damage and keep your chimney running efficiently and safety for many years. If you can catch early signs of chimney damage before they become extensive, a quality waterproofing application may offer the perfect solution.

Above & Beyond Chimney Services has saved many chimneys throughout the South Shore region of Massachusetts through quality chimney waterproofing.

chimney spalling & damaged in Cohasset MAIs Your Chimney Showing Signs of Water Damage?

The purpose of waterproofing a chimney is to keep water out of small cracks in the masonry that show up over time. The key to success in this job is early detection of signs of water damage. Signs you can look for include:

Efflorescence: White staining on the exterior chimney masonry may indicate that water has gotten into the bricks.

Brick spalling: This happens when water has penetrated bricks and freezes and expands, causing parts of the bricks to fall away from the chimney.

Crumbling mortar: The mortar that holds the bricks together can erode because of incoming water, leading to a leaky chimney and structural compromise.

Water in the firebox: Water can end up dripping into your firebox for various reasons including masonry damage.

Strong musty odors coming from the fireplace: Water inside the flue mixed with soot and creosote will produce unpleasant odors.

Damp sections of walls and ceiling: If there is dampness on your walls or ceiling, it means water is getting in from somewhere.

Chimney Inspections Will Pinpoint the Problem

If you notice any of the issues listed above, you should have one of our trained chimney technicians perform a thorough chimney inspection. We can find out why water is infiltrating the system and make all necessary repairs.

Once the chimney is back in good shape, then we can apply a powerful water sealant to protect the masonry structure in the future.

chimney waterproofing in cohasset maAbout ChimneySaver Sealant

We use a product called ChimneySaver, which is the industry-leading choice for professional chimney waterproofing jobs. This sealant blocks 96.9% of water penetration and is 100% breathable, meaning no moisture will be trapped behind the sealant and cause brick damage.

ChimneySaver is a water-based repellant that is suitable for use in all masonry and concrete waterproofing applications. We stand by it, and so do our customers who have prevented thousands of dollars of unnecessary damage to their chimneys.

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding

When used in a timely fashion, chimney waterproofing can keep water out of your bricks and mortar and prevent serious structural damage. Often, however, much damage has already been done, and chimney repair work or rebuilding is required.

Chimney Masonry Repair & Rebuilding in Scituate MA

The chimney professionals at Above & Beyond are experienced in all levels and types of chimney structural repairs and rebuilding projects including historic chimney restorations.

If your chimney has been damaged by lightning, a chimney fire, an earthquake, pounding hail or is just suffering from old age, let us get to work to restore its strength and integrity.

Learn more about chimney waterproofing by calling us today at (781) 383-0415. We’ll answer all your questions and schedule service quickly.

Above & Beyond serves Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Norwell MA, Scituate MA, Weymouth MA, Pembroke MA, Plymouth MA and other local communities.