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Fireplace Rebuilding – Upgrade Your Hearth Area

Your fireplace should give you the heat you need during cold winter days and nights, and it also should look great while doing it. A lot of older fireplaces need some level of rebuilding or renovation to get them back into shape and become aesthetically pleasing once again.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service is ready to help with any fireplace rebuilding and fireplace renovation projects for your home within the greater South Shore region in Massachusetts.

fireplace rebuilding in Weymouth MAFireplace Rebuilding

A damaged fireplace not only looks bad but it can be dangerous. The refractory bricks and mortar used in fireplace construction can become decayed over time. When this happens, two major problems can result:

  1. Deadly carbon monoxide and other toxic combustion gases can seep into the home
  2. Flammable materials adjacent to the firebox can be put at risk of minor damage all the way up to a devastating fire

Our certified fireplace technicians can rebuild a damaged firebox to restore safety and beauty. After an inspection, we’ll tell you exactly what is needed and never have you agree to unnecessary “extra” work.

During all fireplace rebuilding projects, the safety and cleanliness of your home are very important to us. We cover areas adjacent to where the work is being done and are extra careful to protect furnishings and other items, always leaving your home in the condition we found it in.

Fireplace Renovation

Older fireplaces, particularly those in historic homes, often need work. Age, intense heat and acidic toxins from combustion really take their toll on an older fireplace.

We can make all necessary firebox repairs, re-do the brickwork surrounding the fireplace, clean and repair the smoke chamber and replace badly damaged fireplace dampers.

For historic homes, we provide full-scale fireplace renovation work as well as complete historic chimney restoration so that your chimney and fireplace system work right and serve as classy compliments to your fine home.

It’s important when looking to make renovations and repairs to historic chimneys and fireplaces that you work with a contractor or technician who fully understands all the elements involved in these types of jobs.

An untrained, unlicensed “handyman” may end up doing serious damage to your fireplace or chimney, which will cost you money to fix on top of the money you’ll need to spend to hire a professional to come out and do the job right.

fireplace hearth renovation in Pembroke MAHearth Area Upgrades

Now that you have your fireplace well in hand, maybe you think everything around it could use some sprucing up. This is a common desire for homeowners, and the solution may be a fabulous new fireplace surround, mantel, raised hearth or a fancy set of new fireplace tools.

While these upgrades don’t affect how your fireplace runs or how safe it is, many homeowners enjoy making decorative centerpieces out of their entire hearth area. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

Fireplaces don’t have to underperform or look out of place. With timely rebuilding, renovation and repair work, your fireplace can look great and perform as it was intended.

Call Above & Beyond Chimney Service at (781) 383-0415 to learn more about our fireplace rebuilding and related work. We provide year-round chimney inspections, fireplace and chimney cleaning, chimney rebuilding and much more.

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