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Furnace Flue Venting Repair, Cleaning & Maintenance

Above & Beyond Chimney Service is known throughout the South Shore region of Massachusetts as a leading chimney sweep and chimney repair company. But we also do a lot of work to address furnace venting problems for our customers.

Our technicians are certified through the Full Training and have received extensive training in all ventilation systems found in the typical American home.

furnace repair in cohasset maFurnace Flues Need Attention

While it’s true that flues that vent furnace systems aren’t subject to the heavy buildup of creosote that’s common in flues attached to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, they still need professional attention on a regular basis. This is the only way to spot early signs of damage and malfunction and get them fixed quickly.

Flue furnaces can house a buildup of particulates, which are the byproduct of combustion. An excess of this material can cause the flue to be blocked and unable to safely and efficiently draft toxic gases up and out of your home. Cleaning furnace flues is not a job offered by utility providers, so you need to arrange for professional services by a team that knows furnace venting inside and out.

The Danger of Carbon Monoxide

Like many other heating appliances in a home, furnaces create carbon monoxide when they’re engaged. As long as your furnace flue pipe is sound and provides an open passage for exhaust, all is well. If the vent system is compromised, you could be looking at a serious health risk.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas, but it is known to be potentially fatal to people and pets. Because you can’t see or smell it, carbon monoxide can exist inside your home in varying amounts without you ever knowing it – until health symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches and blurry vision begin to appear.

Furnace Flue Cleaning

Another reason to schedule annual cleaning of your furnace venting system is to prevent damage that comes from the acidic condensate produced by these appliances. Both oil and gas furnaces create this acid, which can eat away at internal areas within the system.

Furnace flues, the same as chimneys and the venting systems of other heating appliances, should be cleaned and serviced only by a licensed, trained technician. It’s very easy for a novice to go into these systems and end up doing more damage than good. Above & Beyond brings more than 20 years’ experience to all aspects of furnace venting cleaning and maintenance.

furnace inspection in Holbrook MAFurnace Inspections

Annual inspections should be part of your regular furnace maintenance program. Certain other instances call for inspections when those instances occur.

Sale of the home

When you’re moving into a new home that has an oil or gas furnace, an inspection should be performed, preferably by a professional furnace technician.

Altering the system

If you’re making changes to your furnace system, such as converting from oil to gas, a furnace inspection is necessary.

New furnace install

A thorough safety inspection should be performed after installation to check for correct flue size and ensure proper venting mechanics.

Fire or other known damage

If a furnace has experienced a fire or an obvious malfunction, a professional inspection should be performed before getting to work to remedy the damage.

When your furnace needs attention, trust the experts at Above & Beyond Chimney Service to get it fixed right the first time. We offer complete furnace vent cleaning, venting system repairs and licensed inspection. Call us today at (781) 383-0415.

We work throughout Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Westwood MA, Dover MA, Brookline MA, Milton MA, Quincy MA, Holbrook MA and other local communities.