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We Offer High-Quality And Durable Tuckpointing And Masonry Repairs In The South Shore Region

Westwood MA chimney tuckpointingBrick can last for centuries. This is just one of the reasons this building material is so beloved. But its natural durability doesn’t mean that brick doesn’t need some upkeep along the way to keep it performing well. After all, age isn’t the only thing working against brick. Fire, water, improper construction, and poor maintenance can also be to blame for deteriorating brick and mortar.

The need for masonry repairs goes well beyond aesthetics. When water gets into brick and mortar, which are very porous, it can seep into the chimney. Once inside, water will greatly accelerate the deterioration of the chimney and cause leaks that manifest inside the home. Inside a chimney, water can also cause rust (if there are steel or cast iron parts), and the moisture can cause parts of your chimney to expand and contract during the freeze/thaw process. The result: A chimney that grows weaker and more dangerous each year. And the longer you put off the repairs, the more they’ll end up costing you.

While stone is not as vulnerable to water penetration as brick, the mortar used to bond the stones together in a stone chimney is still porous. For that reason, both stone and brick chimneys should be professionally protected against water penetration.

Our Masonry Repair And Tuckpointing Services Address The Following Issues In Chimneys Around Southern Massachusetts:

  • Cracked or spalled bricks
  • Decayed mortar joints
  • Collapsed hearth support
  • Tilted or collapsed chimney structure
  • Chimney settlement
  • Stained chimney exterior

In addition to repairing masonry, we are able to clean masonry and apply a sealant that will prevent water from being sucked up by your chimney’s masonry. We can also install a chimney cap to prevent water damage.

chimney tuckpointing in dedham MAWhat Is Tuckpointing?

There’s an art to chimney rebuilding, and the highly skilled masons at Above & Beyond Chimney Service celebrate that art. We take pride in being able to closely color match the new brick and mortar to the old brick and mortar on your chimney. Our work with mortar often falls under the category of “tuckpointing,” which is essentially the practice of making brick and mortar look great.

Tuckpointing dates back hundreds of years and came by its name pretty straightforwardly—as bricklayers use tools to “point” and “tuck” mortar between rows of bricks. Over time, and as it must endure the elements and burrowing insects, mortar can begin to show a lot of wear and tear, much of which can be repaired by an experienced tuckpointer. When done correctly, tuckpointing can add decades of life to your chimney and your chimney bricks—predominately by keeping water from seeping in and causing nearby bricks to gap, crack, and spall.

Do you live in one of the following counties in Southern Massachusetts — Suffolk County, Plymouth County, or Barnstable County? Based in Cohasset, Massachusetts, Above & Beyond Chimney Service works on chimneys and fireplaces in and around South Framingham and the South Shore area. Schedule your appointment today by calling 781-383-0415.

Be sure you have the extra protection provided by a chimney flue liner. Ask us more about this chimney service that helps keep you and your family safe.