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Chimney Repair  - Certified Chimney Liner, Chimney Cap, Chimney Crown, & Other Repairs

When chimneys break down and suffer structural or component damage, timely chimney repair services can keep the problem from getting out of hand. Above & Beyond Chimney Services of Massachusetts provides all levels of chimney repair and chimney rebuilding services to keep your chimney safe and functional all year long. This includes chimney rebuilding, chimney tuckpointing, chimney crown repair, chimney cap replacement & so much more!

Structural Chimney Repair

chimney masonry repair in Brockton MA

Brick repair: A chimney is only as strong as the bricks that built it. When your bricks are cracked or loose (spalling), we can restore them and make your chimney strong again.

Tuckpointing: Over time, the mortar that holds the bricks together can decompose. When this happens, tuckpointing is a process that adds a fresh new mortar compound to open areas and re-strengthens the chimney.

Chimney rebuilding: Years of damage (often from water infiltration) can cause major decay within the brickwork of a chimney. In this case, we offer complete and partial chimney rebuilding, leaving you with a structure that’s as good as new. We also offer new chimney construction.

chimney waterproofing in dedham ma

Historic chimney restoration: We perform a lot of historic chimney restorations on older homes throughout the South Shore area in Massachusetts. Decades-old chimneys need certain care and expertise to keep them running safely and looking fantastic.

Chimney waterproofing: When you have minor cracking throughout your chimney masonry, we can apply a waterproof sealant to prevent further water infiltration. Chimney waterproofing often solves many leaky chimney issues.

Chimney Component Repair

chimney liner install in Abington MA

Chimney liner repair/relining: Your chimney liner is your first line of defense against acidic damage, smoke damage and fire damage to your chimney structure and home. Cracked or broken chimney liners need to be either repaired or a full chimney relining process needs to be performed. We’re chimney liner experts, solving these problems for more than 20 years.

Chimney crown repair/rebuilding: The cement crown that covers the top of your chimney is vulnerable to cracking and decay, which will lead to water damage. This is especially true for older chimney crowns. We can seal minor cracks, and we can rebuild severely damaged crowns so they’ll serve you well for many more years.

Chimney Repair in Randolph MA

Chimney cap repair: Whether you have a simple flue cover or a custom full-width chimney cap, if the component is damaged, water can easily get into the flue and cause major issues. We provide chimney cap repair and installation of new caps.

Flashing repair/installation: The flashing that seals the gap between the roof and chimney must be in good repair to keep water from leaking down into the home. Neglecting chimney flashing repair (or replacement) is a major cause of interior water damage to the chimney masonry and the home.

Fireplace damper repair: Squeaky, rusted dampers need to be fixed or replaced. Dampers block the transfer of air between your home and the outside world. They also keep small critters and bugs from entering your home. We can repair or replace your fireplace damper.

Above & Beyond also offers expert firebox repair, furnace flue venting repair, smoke chamber parging, smoke shelf repair, leaky chimney repair and other important chimney repair and fireplace repair services.

When chimney repairs are needed, trust us to get the job done right and restore safety and performance to your chimney system. Talk with an expert about your chimney today by calling (781) 383-0415.

We proudly serve Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Randolph MA, Brockton MA, Avon MA, Stoughton MA, Canton MA, Norwood MA and other local communities.