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Help! My Chimney Is Leaking!

chimney leaking in Dedham MAMost people who know chimneys will agree that water is a chimney’s No. 1 enemy. The problem can start off small—drip, drip—and grow quickly to be a large one, which is why we don’t advise putting off calling about a chimney leak. Over time, water can seep from your chimney into your ceilings, walls, and floors, as the damage grows worse and the repair bill more frightening. And oftentimes, homeowners will call a roofer to fix a chimney leak when it’s a problem that really needs to be addressed by a certified chimney technician who can inspect and fix the issue.

Many times a leaking chimney is obvious to a homeowner, but if you’re uncertain, you can pretty much bet that your chimney is taking on water if you notice a dripping noise, discolored mortar, a musty or mildewy smell, water stains on the ceiling or walls around your chimney, or rainwater around your fireplace. For a lasting solution, we recommend that you call Above & Beyond Chimney Service. This will be the first and last call you’ll make about a leaking chimney.

Why Do I Need To Fix My Leaky Chimney?

Before we tell you why it’s so important to have your leaky chimney repaired, we’ll tell you why your chimney may be leaking. The source of your leak can be found in a number of places, including at the cap, crown, or chimney cover, which may have rusted or cracked, or at the flashing, which may have come loose or rusted. A chimney can also leak because of decaying mortar and spalling brick, or because your chimney doesn’t have a proper-sized liner and fumes are condensing inside. A chimney professional will be able to locate the leak and make the needed repairs.

Now, here are some great reasons to fix your leaking chimney:

  • To protect your home from significant and costly water damage
  • To preserve the life of your chimney and fireplace
  • To prevent unpleasant and stubborn odors
  • To protect your chimney from efflorescence, mildew, fungus, and other stains

chimney waterproofing in Brookline MAAbout Chimney Waterproofing

Once a chimney professional has fixed your chimney leak, it’s a good idea to maintain its watertight state by having it waterproofed. Prior to waterproofing a chimney we thoroughly clean it, removing any mold, dirt, stains, or debris. We then apply a powerful and proven water repellant that reduces water penetration into masonry by 99.9%. This is an important preventative measure that can also prevent stains from forming on your masonry.

Are you ready to schedule your chimney service with Above & Beyond Chimney Service? Give us a call at 781-383-0415! We can give your chimney system the water protection it needs!

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