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All About Golden Flue Masonry Liners

Golden Flue’s clever motto is that it is the “Cure for the Flue.” From our experience with this ingenious cast-in place chimney liner, we can attest that it does indeed cure much of what ails chimneys around Massachusetts. Made from volcanic rock, which makes the liner fireproof, Golden Flue is used to reline new, old and historic chimneys, and works with a number of heating appliances, including wood-burning, gas, oil, and coal-burning appliances, and high-temperature incinerators.

The original cast-in-place system was developed more than 60 years ago in England, but Golden Flue holds the distinction of being the first pumped chimney liner used in the United States. Developed in the 1980s, this cast masonry liner is also the only pumped chimney liner that bears an Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) listing. Today, Golden Flue is installed nationwide by a national dealer network. It remains at the top of the cast-in place chimney liner heap for a number of reasons, including that it offers the ability to increase flue size and maintain a safe and usable flue. The product is also great to work with because it’s an effective insulator and is very lightweight (thanks to thousands of microscopic air pockets tucked within the volcanic rock). In addition, these air pockets help the liner handle the contraction and expansion of the flue liner caused by high temperature fluctuations.

The Benefits Of Cast Masonry Liner

Only a certified chimney technician will be able to properly inspect your chimney to determine what your best options are for lining or relining. However, below are some of the major benefits of using a cast-in place liner like Golden Flue:

  • It adds structural strength to the entire chimney, including all bricks and mortar joints.
  • It bonds together loose masonry and stops any existing masonry deterioration.
  • It seals all defects and voids in a chimney.
  • It eliminates excess heat transfer from chimney masonry to adjacent woodwork.
  • It maintains a constant flue gas temperature and a constant natural draft.
  • It diminishes flue gas condensation and creosote formation.
  • It increases heating appliance efficiency.

Want to know more about this versatile chimney liner? Our chimney technicians can help you understand if Golden Flue is right for your chimney.

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