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Ventinox Stainless Steel Liners Are Built To Last!

stainless steel liner for chimney in Brockton MAThe best way to enhance performance and protect your chimney from the air and moisture that can destroy it from the inside out is to have it professionally lined. Another huge benefit of having your chimney lined: far greater protection from fire. Those of us at Above & Beyond Chimney Service use DuraVent’s Ventinox stainless steel liners to upgrade or restore masonry chimneys throughout Southern Massachusetts and to safeguard them from the incredibly corrosive byproducts of fire. Ventinox liners have been made in the U.S. since 1979 and have proven safe and effective in thousands of American homes.

These durable liners work with a wide range of appliances—including Category 1 natural gas, propane and oil appliances, wood and pellet stoves, fireplaces and fire inserts, gas-fired boilers, furnaces, space heaters, and water heaters. When using a Ventinox stainless steel liner to vent a solid fuel heater, we always use TherMix to insulate the liner. In fact, we often use TherMix in conjunction with Ventinox liners for added efficiency and draft performance. TherMix is a ready-mix insulation formula that’s used to fill the space between a liner and the inside of a masonry chimney.

Want to know more about this seamless, one-piece flue that shields your chimney from damaging deposits and corrosive moistures? We’d be happy to show you a Ventinox liner and tell you more about how it works. If you’re not sure why your chimney needs to be lined in the first place, please see our page on chimney relining.

chimney liner repair in Duxbury MAWhy Choose A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner?

There are many reasons our customers choose a Ventinox stainless steel liner over a cast-in place or clay tile liner. These reasons include:

  • It has continuously welded spiral corrugations that are air- and watertight and that add strength and flexibility.
  • It’s proven to withstand high temperatures (even during chimney fires), corrosive elements, and sulfuric acid.
  • Its super-ferritic alloy strongly resists corrosion.
  • It can bend sharply to fit around obstructions and offsets in the flue.
  • It comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.

One of the chimney technicians at Above & Beyond Chimney Service will be able to help you determine if a stainless steel liner is right for you and your chimney. You may also wish to read about our cast-in place chimney liners and about ceramic flue sealant, which can be a good alternative to a full chimney relining.

If you live in or around South Framingham or South Shore, MA and need to have your chimney inspected and possibly relined, schedule a consultation with Above & Beyond Chimney Service today. Call us at 781-383-0415.

Another relining option is HeatShield®, so ask us for details for all the chimney relining possibilities.