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Fireplace & Firebox Repair & Renovation - Fireplace Cleaning & Service In The South Shore Region

When your fireplace is damaged, quick service is necessary to prevent serious repair issues and safety risks. Above & Beyond Chimney Service of Dedham MA is on-call year-round to help with all your fireplace repairs, fireplace rebuilding and fireplace cleaning needs.

firebox repair in Braintree MA

Fireplace Repair

A fireplace in great shape is a safe fireplace. Our licensed, certified fireplace technicians can perform all necessary repairs to keep your fireplace working efficiently and safely.

Brick and mortar repair: Over time, the heat from fires and the acidic compounds created by combustion will take their toll on the masonry areas of a fireplace. Tuckpointing is a process to replace missing areas of mortar. Brick replacement can solve the problem of loose or decaying bricks.

There are two primary concerns with damaged fireplace bricks:

  1. Deadly carbon monoxide and other harmful gases can escape from the fireplace and flow into the room
  2. Vulnerable building materials near the fireplace can catch on fire

Damper repairs & installation: Your fireplace damper should create a tight seal to prevent air exchange between your home and the outside. Older dampers and those that have been warped or damaged by rust often don’t seal well. Our team can inspect your damper and either repair it or install a sturdy new damper that will serve you well for many years to come.

Fireplace waterproofing: After we’ve made any needed repairs, we can add a coat of strong fireplace water repellant to prevent rusting, decay and discoloration within the firebox. If there’s a leak within the chimney system, it should be addressed before waterproofing the fireplace.

fireplace renovation in Dedham MA

Fireplace Rebuilding

Older fireplaces and those that have been neglected for years often can no longer operate safely and efficiently. Above & Beyond offers experienced fireplace rebuilding services when damage is too severe for basic repair work. Any level of rebuilding should be performed only by licensed, skilled masons, never by handymen or do-it-yourselfers.

The first step in the fireplace rebuilding process is a thorough inspection to tell us exactly what the problem is and why it exists. Often, we’ll need to perform repairs to other parts of the system before rebuilding the firebox to prevent the same issues from returning.

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Fireplace Cleaning

Keeping your fireplace and connected components clean is important in prolonging life and ensuring safe operation. Our fireplace cleaning services include:

Firebox Cleaning – to remove flammable creosote and unsightly soot.

Damper Cleaning – to make sure the damper opens properly and closes completely.

Smoke Chamber Cleaning – to keep the path for smoke clean and smooth for efficient drafting.

Chimney Cleaning – to remove creosote and drafting obstructions, lowering the risk of chimney fires and smoke backups.

Wherever you live within the greater South Framingham /South Shore regions, Above & Beyond is here to help with all your fireplace and chimney needs. Speak with a technician who knows fireplace repair and maintenance inside and out at (781) 383-0415.

We serve Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Braintree MA, Duxbury MA, Hanover MA, Hingham MA, Marshfield MA and other local communities.