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How To Keep Your Furnace Running Safely

Although this winter has proven relatively mild so far, most homes have had some type of heat running for the past couple months. Whether the home utilizes a boiler, a furnace, a fireplace, or a wood stove, an appliance has been working diligently to keep the house warm and comfortable. To keep these trusty units Read more

Cleaning Your Chimney After a Long Winter

Your fireplace probably got a lot of use last winter, and with it, your chimney. Wood burning fireplaces, in particular, can leave both your fireplace and chimney especially dirty after repeated use. You may ask- how do I deal with cleaning my chimney? Cleaning your chimney after a long winter involves several steps and should Read more

Should I Be Concerned About Dryer Lint?

Many people who fully understand the importance of fireplace and chimney maintenance, may neglect the other fire hazard in their home because they are not familiar with the warnings and dangers of dryer lint buildup. People often assume this isn’t an issue with today’s dryers and modern technology. However, dryer lint buildup can still create Read more

Summer Storms Can Damage Your Chimney

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think much about your fireplace during summer and even less about its chimney; but things can happen during summer to damage your chimney, mainly storms. Heavy winds can fling tree limbs and debris into your chimney, causing chimney brick cracks. Summers storms can also bring large, damaging hail Read more

Why You Need to Hire a Chimney Sweep Right Now

A fireplace adds beauty, value, and ambiance to your home but requires routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. Failing to clean your chimney regularly puts you at risk of flue blockage and fires. Knowing this, however, many homeowners still don’t stay up to date with chimney cleaning. Let’s look at Read more