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Always Budget for a Chimney Inspection

As we get closer to winter, many of our neighbors in the Dedham and Cohasset, Massachusetts areas are preparing wood-burning fireplaces and heating stoves for the season. With rising fuel prices and other costs, many folks are cutting back on non-essentials and trying to save where they can. In case you’re wondering if it is Read more

Prevent Excess Creosote Buildups in My Chimney?

This is a good question, and it’s one professional chimney technicians get all the time. Preventing excess creosote in the chimney is one of the things over which a homeowner has a lot of control. First, what is creosote? Creosote is a flammable byproduct of smoke condensation in your flue. It can be sticky, puffy Read more

Ensure Your Chimney is Ready for Cold Weather

With evening temperatures dipping near the freezing mark in Needham and throughout the Norfolk County, MA area, many homeowners are already starting to light the fireplace to stay warm. Since winter weather conditions can be brutal for chimneys, these ten tips will help ensure your chimney is ready for cold weather. Tip #1:  Schedule a Read more

3 Common Winter Chimney Issues

The Boston area has some brutal winters. Memorable, even. Winter is hard on people, and it’s also hard on chimneys. Here are three of the most common winter chimney damage issues and what needs to be done. Chimney structural damage The bricks and mortar that make up your chimney are prone to cracking over the Read more

Common Chimney Problems You should Know About

Nobody gives a lot of thought to a chimney, until it starts having problems. A malfunctioning or damaged chimney can be a major safety risk for you and your family. Here are five common chimney problems and how to resolve them (and in some cases, keep them from happening in the first place). Masonry damage Read more