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Time to Have Your Chimney Smoke Chamber Parged?

If it’s been several years (or more) since your smoke chamber was last inspected, this summer is a good time to schedule this task. A thorough chimney inspection will tell you if parging is necessary to reduce the chances of a chimney fire and to help your fireplace draft more efficiently. What is smoke chamber Read more

How to Enjoy Your Fireplace in the Spring & Summer

You get a lot of benefits from your fireplace during our cold Massachusetts winters. But after having an annual chimney inspection, you can keep enjoying the fireplace and surrounding hearth area during the warmer months with a few creative upgrades and additions. First, clean the firebox and bricks Before you start getting creative with your Read more

About Fireplaces: Choosing, Using and Safeguarding

If you’ve been considering bringing a new fireplace into your home, or if you already have one and want to keep the chimney safe and clean so you can get the most out of it, here are some helpful points. Two main types of fireplaces The majority of fireplaces are fueled by either gas or Read more

How Summer Storms Can Affect Your Chimney

With the warm weather and sunshine that summer brings, most homeowners don’t normally think about the chimney when trying to stay cool. However, summer storms can be just as devastating to your chimney as the cold winter weather. The warm, humid conditions with bouts of rain, lightning, and strong wind gusts can sprout water leaks Read more

Closing Your Fireplace for the Summer: Four Tips

Your fireplace and chimney have served you throughout the winter, so now that the burning season is over, it’s time to return a little of that service. Here are some tips on closing your fireplace for the summer. Inspect both the fireplace and the chimney Inspections should be handled by licensed chimney service technicians and Read more