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It’s A New Year Its Time For A New Fireplace

Make Plans Now for Next Year’s Spring Fireplace Renovation Most people do not give any thought to renovating their fireplace until they are getting ready to use it for the winter. However, winter is really not the best time of year to make changes to the fireplace. It is, however, a great time to start Read more

Converting My Wood-Burning Fireplace To A Gas Log Fireplace

What is Involved When the weather turns cold, many people start thinking about converting their wood-burning fireplaces to gas logs. There is no denying that pushing a button or flipping a switch is certainly easier than bringing in logs and building a fire. However, it is important to have all of the information about the Read more

What Do I Need To Know About My Chimney System?

Masonry chimneys are probably one of the most overlooked parts of our homes and rarely are they built according to the local building codes.  We offer this blog to provide you with some quick guidance on what to look for when assessing the condition of your home’s chimney.  The purpose is not to make experts Read more

What You Need To Know About Your Chimney’s Air Quality?

OK, so that’s probably not a question you ever thought to ask, but let’s just pretend you did—you know for giggles and all that. Because (believe it or not) we’ve actually got a lot to say about air quality. In fact, that’s one of the most important things we do for our customers—making your home Read more

How To Prevent A House Fire?

Everyone is used to the idea of smoke coming out of his or her chimney, but if you see flames and sparks…you likely have a chimney fire. The key question is, how can these situations be prevented and what do you do to keep your home and family safe?  It is important to have a Read more