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Cleaning Your Chimney After a Long Winter

Your fireplace probably got a lot of use last winter, and with it, your chimney. Wood burning fireplaces, in particular, can leave both your fireplace and chimney especially dirty after repeated use. You may ask- how do I deal with cleaning my chimney? Cleaning your chimney after a long winter involves several steps and should be done by a qualified chimney sweep service. We will get to your chimney in a moment; first, let’s look at what you can do to clean your fireplace.

Chimney Cleaning Hingham, MACleaning Your Fireplace After a Long Winter

The first thing you should do if you are cleaning your fireplace after winter is to make sure all logs have been removed from the fireplace. You won’t be able to clean it with logs in the way. Next, remove any fragile items from the mantle or around your fireplace, especially if they are irreplaceable. It is easy to knock into a valuable while you’re cleaning the fireplace and break it. Don’t take the risk; remove anything you don’t want to break.

You will then need to put drop cloths or another covering on the floor to catch any loose ashes when you clean your fireplace. There will be a buildup of ashes and wood scraps in the bottom of your fireplace. Use a bucket, hand broom, or vacuum to remove the ashes. A vacuum is much easier and makes less mess. Make sure that your damper is closed once you have cleaned your fireplace.

Cleaning the Chimney

Cleaning the Chimney is where Above and Beyond Chimney Service Comes into play. We will inspect your chimney and look for any issues that may exist. If we find any problems, we will consult with you on the next step. We will also thoroughly clean your chimney, ensuring we remove all the creosote from inside your chimney. Creosote is a sticky and flammable substance that, if it builds up, can cause a chimney fire that could spread to your attic or roof. Creosote can also cause a strong, unpleasant smell to permeate your home. When we are done cleaning your chimney, it will smell great, and you can count on any creosote or mold being removed from your chimney.


As we stated before, we will consult with you if we need to make any repairs. Our chimney sweeps are trained, licensed, and insured, so you can count on them to be professional and get the job done right. Some of the common repairs they may make on your chimney are:

  • Replacing broken or missing bricks.
  • Repairing mortar through tuckpointing.
  • Replacing any broken or missing components.
  • Replacing a damaged chimney liner.

Chimney Services Natick, MAAbove & Beyond Chimney Service Can Clean Your Chimney After a Long Winter

We understand that you want to have a chimney that is clean and in good working shape when next winter comes along. We will clean and repair your chimney so that it’s good as new when the time comes to use it. Call us or fill out our easy contact form. One of our expert staff will be happy to discuss cleaning your chimney and preparing it for the winter to come.