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24-Hour Emergency Service

It seems like things always go wrong when there’s nobody available to help. If you have an emergency situation with venting, unexpected damage or loss of service for certain gas appliances, Above & Beyond Chimney Service is always open.

Gas Boiler or Hot Water Heater Leaks

Gas leaking from a boiler or hot water heater is a dangerous issue. Many gas providers will send a shut-off notice or remotely turn off the gas supply if their systems detect a leak or other compromise. This action is telling you something needs to be fixed. We will respond quickly to these problems.

Our technicians will investigate the leak and determine where it’s coming from and why it’s happening. We’ll then make the necessary repairs so your gas service can continue and your boiler or water heater will operate safely.

gas fireplace leak in Abington MALeaks in Gas Fireplaces & Stoves

If you ever detect the smell of gas in the vicinity of a fireplace or heating stove, immediate inspection and repairs must be scheduled. Depending on the cause of the leak, shutting off the gas supply may not solve the problem.

We’re available around the clock to address fireplace and stove gas leaks. As with any dangerous leakage, we’ll find out where the leak is located and why it exists.

Why Leaky Gas Appliances Are Potentially Deadly

Any time gas is present in the air within your home, two disastrous situations can occur:

  1. Any flame within reach of the gas can cause the gas to combust, leading to personal injury and/or a house fire.
  2. When gas is present, so is carbon monoxide. This substance is invisible and odorless but can be fatal to people and animals.

Leaky Chimney Emergencies

Chimney leaks can occur for a lot of different reasons. When a sudden lightning strike, gale-force wind blast, an earthquake or other unexpected event causes serious damage to your chimney, the entire system will be unsafe until the issue is addressed.


Our team can secure your damaged chimney to prevent the inflow of water after a natural or seismic event. We will then thoroughly inspect the chimney to determine what level of chimney repair, chimney rebuilding or component replacement is necessary to get it back into safe working order.

Obstructed Chimney Emergencies

Gas is not the only carrier of carbon monoxide. Wood fires also create it. When you’re burning wood in your fireplace and suddenly smoke starts backing up into your home, one of two things is  causing it:

  1. A chimney fire
  2. Obstructions in the flue

If it’s a fire, call 911 and then arrange for a chimney inspection.

If smoke is backing up because of flue obstructions such as a buildup of leaves, twigs, small-animal nests and the like, we can clean out the offending material. If you operate your chimney without a chimney cap, we encourage you to have us install one to prevent future obstructions.

chimney fire in dedham maNOTE: During a chimney fire, you may hear clicking or tapping sounds and/or what sounds like rumbling from a distant train. In this case, always call 911 before you call us!

Whatever emergency may happen with your furnace, gas lines, fireplace, stove or chimney, Above & Beyond is ready to solve the problem any time of the night or day. Keep our number handy: (781) 383-0415.

Our chimney service techs proudly serve Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Rockland MA, Abington MA, Needham MA, Wellesley MA, Framingham MA and other local communities.