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Chimney Rebuilding – We Fix Damaged Chimneys

Chimney rebuilding is sometimes necessary to restore structural soundness to a chimney and allow the homeowner to continue using the fireplace without worry of a fire or other safety risk.

chimney rebuilding in Brockton MAAt Above & Beyond Chimney Service, we often hear the question, “how does a chimney get to the point that it has to be rebuilt?” A common reason is neglecting to have it inspected once a year and repaired and maintained as necessary.

Other reasons for chimney damage that could call for a rebuild include:

  • Lightning strikes and pounding hail
  • Earthquakes
  • Chimney leaks that have progressed and destroyed large sections of bricks and mortar
  • Inferior materials used in the construction of the chimney
  • A cracked or decayed cement chimney crown
  • A major chimney fire

Chimney Rebuilding Services

Our trained chimney experts provide all necessary services from complete chimney rebuilds to basic masonry waterproofing and everything in between.

Rebuilding the chimney

After an inspection, we can determine the extent of the chimney damage and get to work fixing it. Severely damaged chimneys usually need to be rebuilt. This can include rebuilding just the chimney stack (the visible part above the roof) or the stack and the breast (the part below the roof). Most chimney rebuilding jobs include some level of old chimney removal.


Tuckpointing is a process in which the mason scrapes out deteriorated areas of mortar and fills in the spaces with a strong new mortar compound. Chimneys with moderate damage often can be saved with tuckpointing and brick replacement.

Brick replacement

Bricks often begin to spall (decay) and loosen in their housings because water has infiltrated either the bricks or parts of the chimney structure. Bricks replacement, like all chimney rebuilding and masonry repair jobs, should be performed only by an experienced, licensed technician.

Chimney crown rebuilding

The cement chimney crown covers the entire top of your chimney and protects the chimney’s interior and the bricks below the crown. Cracks in the crown allow water to get in and then freeze and expand, leading to more damage. We can waterseal crowns if cracking is minor. Seriously damaged crowns must be rebuilt.

Smoke chamber parging

The smoke chamber is located above the firebox and is built to provide a smooth, efficient passage for smoke and toxins. When the chamber’s surfaces become rough with old age, we can smooth them out by adding a layer of insulating refractory mortar, a process called “parging.”

Historic chimney restoration

Older chimneys often need various types of repair work and rebuilding. We do a lot of historic chimney restorations throughout the greater South Shore area with tasks including partial and complete chimney rebuilds, chimney liner installation, rebuilding the chimney crown, repairing or replacing the chimney cap and more.

chimney masonry repair in dedham maThese and other important chimney services are designed to restore safety and efficiency to your chimney and give it many more years of life.

If your chimney needs work, Above & Beyond Chimney Service is on-call year-round for fireplace restorations, chimney rebuilding, chimney repairs and historic restorations along with trained chimney sweep services and professional chimney inspections.

We proudly serve Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Randolph MA, Brockton MA, Avon MA, Stoughton MA, Canton MA, Norwood MA and other local communities.

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