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What Is Chimney Liner And Why Do You Need One?

Of all the components in a modern chimney system, the chimney liner is one of the most important. Its job is to provide a smooth and appropriately sized passage for smoke and toxins to rise from the fireplace and drift off into the air. The chimney liner also protects your chimney masonry and your home from excess heat that could initiate a chimney or house fire.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service provides chimney liner repair and new liner installations throughout the South Shore area to keep our customers and their homes safe. We’ve served Massachusetts since 1997.

chimney liner replacement in dedham maWhat Is a Chimney Liner?

Chimney liners started showing up in residential chimneys around 1940. Over the years, the most popular materials for these inner flue pipes have been stainless steel, clay tiles and poured-in-place compounds.

Liners add a strong layer of protection, keeping acidic smoke byproducts including creosote away from the more-vulnerable chimney bricks and mortar. Chimney fires, when they happen, are better contained by a strong chimney liner than by your chimney’s raw masonry.

What Are the Best Chimney Liners?

When it’s time to replace your liner, we recommend Venthinox stainless steel chimney liners. These liners have been around since the late 1970s and have proven themselves time and again in thousands of homes.

Venthinox liners are made of welded spiral corrugations, making them amazingly strong, flexible and impervious to water. Available with a lifetime warranty, these chimney liners are built to hold up in extreme temperatures and are corrosion-resistant. They’re easy for technicians to work with and can be used in conjunction with a variety of gas, wood and pellet appliances including fireplaces, fireplace inserts, boilers, furnaces and water heaters.

For certain jobs, we may recommend a cast-in-place chimney liner or the application of ceramic flue sealant, which may be an alternative to a complete new liner.

In all cases, when we repair chimney liners or install new ones, you’re assured of quality workmanship from experienced technicians and a product that will serve you with safety and efficiency for many years to come.

heatshield liner in Duxbury MAHeatShield Installers

The HeatShield Chimney Repair & Resurfacing System adds a powerful flue sealant to fill in cracks, splits or holes in clay tile and mortar chimney liners.

This system is a great choice for everything from simple joint repairs up to complete resurfacing of the entire flue. HeatShield repair and resurfacing should be performed only by certified, trained technicians. A lot of detailed work goes into doing the job right, which will ensure future safe operation of your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney liner issues must be addressed immediately. By scheduling an annual chimney inspection, you’ll be able to keep abreast of problems with your liner and other areas and parts of your chimney.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service is ready help with all your chimney liner needs. We serve Cohasset MA, Dedham MA, Braintree MA, Duxbury MA, Hanover MA, Hingham MA, Marshfield MA and other local communities.

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