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Having your Framingham chimney cleaned once a year by our trained chimney technicians is one of the best ways to keep it running safely and at peak efficiency. Our crew has the industry-grade equipment and hands-on training to leave you with outstanding results every time.

What Chimney Sweeps Do

The chimney sweep services we offer is three-fold:

Framingham MA chimney cleaning1. Chimney sweeps remove flammable creosote from your flue

Many chimney fires in Framingham start each year because of excess creosote, a byproduct of smoke combustion that collects in chimney flues. We use a variety of tools to dislodge and remove even the most stubborn creosote to dramatically reduce the chances of a fire in your chimney.

Not all chimney fires are big, obvious events. Many fires are relatively small and start and extinguish on their own. But any chimney fire can damage your chimney liner, the chimney’s bricks and mortar and adjacent building materials of your home including walls, beams, insulation and flooring.

Remember the A B C signs of a chimney fire:

A. Tapping or clicking sounds coming from the chimney
B. A rumbling sound like from a distant train
C. Excess dense smoke coming from either end of the chimney system

If you notice any of these signs, call 911 immediately. When the current issue is resolved, call Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham for inspection, repairs and advice.

2. We remove drafting obstructions

If you don’t have a proper chimney cap, or do have one but it’s severely damaged, debris can enter your chimney and cause smoke to draft sluggishly. Leaves, twigs and the nests of small animals are common causes of smoke and carbon monoxide backing up into a home.

(Note that carbon monoxide is both invisible and odorless but is known to be potentially fatal when inhaled by humans and animals. Along with scheduling annual chimney cleaning, you should maintain one or more working CO monitors in your home.)

It’s never advisable to operate a chimney without a secure chimney cap. We recommend a full-width custom cap that channels water and snow away from the flue openings as well as the concrete chimney crown.

professional chimney inspection in Framingham MA3. Chimney sweep technicians inspect your chimney

Our chimney techs provide all three levels of chimney inspections, from basic to full-scale, depending on the need. Yearly chimney inspections have saved our Framingham MA customers thousands in costly repair expenses, and they will save you money, too.

Following your inspection, we’ll provide you with a report of our findings. Often, little or nothing needs to be done in the way of repair work. Yet if early signs of masonry or component damage are present, you’ll be glad to know about them sooner rather than later.

If it’s been more than a year since your Framingham chimney was professionally inspected, now is the time to schedule this service.

Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham is a Massachusetts Licensed Contractor and Licensed Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor. We carry certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and are proud members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. We have the experience and strategies to keep your chimney clean and safe.

Speak with a Framingham chimney professional today at (774) 244-3980.