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chimney service in Framingham MA

When Framingham, MA, homeowners have trouble with their chimneys, they call Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham to straighten out the problem. We provide thorough chimney sweeping, all repair and rebuilding work, chimney leak resolution, chimney inspections and historic chimney restorations.

Have your chimney serviced by an established Massachusetts Licensed Contractor with more than 20 years of experience helping our customers keep their chimneys clean, safe and efficient.

Chimney Sweep Services Framingham MA

The cold winters in Framingham and all of southern Massachusetts usually see quite a bit of fireplace use. And that means buildups of flammable creosote in the chimney flue that needs to be removed on a regular basis.

chimney sweep in Framingham MA

Our crew uses specialized brushes, rods, whips, scrubbers and more to safely remove creosote and significantly reduce the chance of a chimney fire, which can damage your flue liner, chimney masonry and adjacent parts of your home.

We also remove draft-blocking debris such as tree leaves and twigs, small animal nests and deceased small animals. Any draft blockage can cause smoke and combustion gasses such as dangerous carbon monoxide to move into the air of your home. Keep your Framingham home safe with annual chimney cleaning.

Licensed Chimney Inspections

The best way to stay on top of chimney repairs is to have our inspectors evaluate your chimney system once a year.

chimney inspection in Framingham MA

The basic inspection we offer throughout the Framingham MA area includes a close examination of all visible areas of your chimney and fireplace. We also can perform a video chimney inspection that allows us (and you) to clearly see any damage problems down inside your chimney flue.

Other chimney inspections can be performed when:

  • You’re selling your home
  • You’re adding a new appliance to the chimney
  • You’re changing fuels, such as from a wood fireplace to a gas insert
  • Damage is known to exist in areas that are difficult to access

Chimney Repairs/Rebuilding

Above & Beyond serves Framingham homeowners with expert chimney repair to address all possible issues that might arise. Our work includes:

chimney rebuild in Framingham MA

  • Masonry repair/tuckpointing/brick replacement
  • Chimney waterproofing
  • Chimney cap repair & installation
  • Flue liner repair & replacement
  • Chimney crown repair & rebuilding
  • Chimney flashing installation & repair
  • Solutions for venting issues
  • Repair following a chimney fire
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • and much more.

Historic Chimney Restoration

If you have a beautiful older home in Framingham, your chimney system may have some unique issues that we can help you with. Older chimneys often need masonry repairs including replacement of cracked bricks and decayed mortar joints (tuckpointing). Chimneys built more than 100 years ago commonly were constructed without a flue liner, which we can install if your chimney doesn’t have one.

historic chimney restoration in Framingham MA

We take special pride in cleaning, repairing and restoring historic chimneys for our customers and making their chimney and fireplace systems beautiful and safe to run all winter long. We can oversee any type of historic chimney restoration project, large or small, from inspection to finishing touches.

Leaky Chimney Repair

Rain, snow and cold weather all work together to create problems for chimneys. If your chimney is showing signs of leaking, let one of our chimney leak specialists determine why the leak exists, inspect for collateral water damage and make the right repairs.

chimney leak repair in Framingham MA

If you ignore any kind of chimney leak – whether it be in the masonry or a component such as the chimney crown or flashing – widespread damage usually will result. We’re here to help you avoid this.

Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Framingham is a family-owned and family-operated chimney company that cares about your chimney, your home and your safety. For all your chimney needs, reach us year-round at (774) 244-3980.