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Residents of Hanover Select Above & Beyond Chimney Service To Provide Their Peace of Mind

Residents in Hanover are mindful of their history as well as their future, and so are we! Nothing is worse than experiencing a preventable fire or health issue originating from your chimney, fireplace or clothes dryer. For over 25 years Above & Beyond Chimney Service has made it our business to provide the skilled maintenance required to keep you safe. Here are some of the services we provide:

The Need For Chimney Sweeping Is As Important Today As It Was In the 17th Century!

The archaic practice of having small children climb through chimney flues and venting to clear hazardous residue has been replaced today with highly trained chimney sweep professionals and specialized tools and vacuums. Yet, the importance of keeping those passageways clear to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning remains the same. Savvy homeowners follow the counsel of the Full Training and have their fireplaces, chimneys and household venting systems inspected and cleaned once a year. Fires happen when:

  • creosote builds up along flue walls and ignites
  • animals, birds or rodents nest in your chimney
  • leaks and cracks cause the toxic gases of combustion to stay in your home rather than be directed outside

When the gases accumulate in your home, you can experience serious health issues and possibly even death. Unfortunately, these hazards have existed ever since our ancestors brought fire into their homes. Fortunately, we know how to eliminate those risks.

Above & Beyond Keeps Hanover Safe

When it comes to ensuring your safety, you don’t want to have just anyone coming to service your home. You want someone with the training, skills, and experience to properly clean and evaluate your chimney, fireplace, wood stoves and household venting. That’s why our customers call us!

  • We have verifiable credentials
  • Our rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is A+
  • Our technicians are certified by the Full Training
  • We are members in good standing with the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG)

Above & Beyond Chimney Service has over 25 years of experience cleaning and repairing everything chimney and venting related in the home. We conduct our business by providing exceptional customer service in an honest and professional manner. You will have the peace of mind you need when you call us!

“Honoring Yesterday As We Build For Tomorrow”

Hanover was established 100 years after the Pilgrims settled in Plymouth. Prior to William Barstow building a bridge across the North River, Hanover was part of Scituate. The river facilitated many of the initial industry in Hanover and created opportunities for farming, ship building, and small factories. Over time, as ships were being built bigger and bigger, the mills in Hanover could no longer provide the large quantities of lumber needed. So, the industry of the town shifted to ironworking. The anchors for the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) were said to have been made in Hanover.
At the end of the 1900s, National Fireworks Company opened in Hanover. National manufactured and shipped fireworks all across the country, and during WWII, the products National produced shifted from fireworks to munitions.

Fun Things To See & Do In Hanover

  • Summer Nights with Phil is a free outdoor concert series on Wednesday nights in July at the Laura’s Center for the Arts. The concerts are presented by the Plymouth Philharmonic and the Emilson YMCA.
  • The Senior Center also offers concerts on Sundays nights in July and August. The Hanover Council on Aging and Hanover Parks & Recreation, in conjunction with the Hanover Senior Center, host a special Arts For All Ages event. There’s live music, food, and lots of community spirit for residents and visitors of all ages, plus, art from artists both young and old is featured.
  • The Hanover Department of Parks and Recreation offers programs for children and adults ranging from CPR Training and Photography classes to Family Sports Leagues.
  • The Annual Hanover Days Fireworks and Carnival is held in June at B. Everett Hall/Sylvester Field. There are fireworks, along with arts and crafts, pony rides, basketball tournaments, food, music, and more fun. The funds raised at this event are all donated back to the community.
  • Starland Sports & Fun Park offers arcade games, go-karts, bumper cars, laser tag, mini golf, climbing wall and batting cages. Starland is a fun spot in Hanover for children of all ages.

We love taking care of the residents of Hanover and providing the comprehensive chimney services you need to have peace of mind and feel safe in your home.


Our service locations are packed with history and plenty of things to do and Hingham is no exception…we’re glad to include it in the area we serve.