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We Can Keep Your Dryer Working Safely And Efficiently With Our Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Are you one of those people who find it strangely gratifying to clean out your dryer’s lint trap? If so, can you even imagine how good it feels to remove not just a handful of dust from your dryer, but as much as a boulder-sized hunk of lint? The dryer vent technicians at Above & Beyond Chimney Service frequently have the pleasure of removing large amounts of compacted lint and dirt from dryer vents around Boston, Yarmouth and Plymouth. It doesn’t just feel good to do away with so much dust, but it feels good to leave a home knowing that we’ve cut a family’s risk of a house fire dramatically.

Reasons To Have Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned

Perhaps you’re already pretty compulsive about cleaning out your lint trap—and maybe you even stick your vacuum cleaner into the mouth of your dryer duct from time to time. That is not nearly enough, however, to remove all of the compacted dust and lint that gathers there, making your dryer less energy efficient and creating a very real fire risk.

In the United States, approximately 15,000 clothes dryers catch fire each year. It’s a grim statistic that’s made all the more grim with the knowledge that many of these fires could have been prevented, had the dryer’s duct been properly cleaned.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission now recommends that you have your dryer vent and dryer cabinet cleaned by a professional at least once every year. If your dryer is used more frequently than a normal dryer—say, if multiple people use it—it may need cleaning even more often. The same goes for dryers that are more than a decade old or that have a dryer hose that’s longer than 10 feet, or that has more than one 90-degree turn.

Not only is a cleaner dryer a safer dryer, but it’s a better-working dryer, too. One of the best indications that your vent needs cleaning is if your clothes are taking longer to dry than they once did. That’s because all that compacted lint is hampering your appliance’s efficiency.

In other words, a professional dryer vent cleaning is a win-win for most homeowners, saving them money on their energy bills, drying their clothes faster, and offering them invaluable peace of mind.

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Todd first came by to check out my chimney in the Fall. He said it needed to be re-lined, but that we should wait until Spring. Last weekend he stopped by to check in and let me know he could do the work in the upcoming week. I appreciated that he came back around 6 months later! The job was done in a timely manner, and he kept me informed as things progressed. He showed me the work he did, and left the work area clean. I was happy with his communication throughout, as well as the job done. I would highly recommend Todd for any chimney work!
~ J.B.