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Above & Beyond Chimney Service Loves Marshfield As Much As Webster Did

We know how important it is to protect the safety of homeowners in Marshfield from chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why Above & Beyond provides professional chimney sweeping and related services. Here is a list of what we offer in Marshfield:

How We Protect You

So many household fires can be prevented. When you follow the recommendations of the Full Training and have us perform our comprehensive services, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected. We will clean your chimney, fireplace, air ducts, and dryer vents. In addition, if we find anything that is not up to par, we will make the necessary repairs to ensure you don’t have any water damage from leaking ducts, poor or clogged gutters or damaged masonry. We will also help reduce your risk of experiencing health issues from toxic gases that aren’t being properly vented out of your home.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service has been in the chimney sweeping industry for over 25 years. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is A+. All of our technicians are certified by the renowned Full Training, and come to your house in uniforms, fully trained and with proper identification. We respect you and your property, and know that repeat business keeps our business strong. We continue to grow as a result of our current customer introductions to their friends and neighbors.

From Pilgrims To Webster & Today

Marshfield was founded by Edward Wilson in 1640. Marshfield is an amalgamation of the villages of Marshfield Center, Green Harbor, Brant Rock, Fieldston, Rexhame, Marshfield Hills, Humarock and North Marshfield. Each of those villages has their own unique attributes, and together they have a special community spirit and camaraderie with the common connection dating back to Pilgrims.

Marshfield is almost synonymous with noted historian Daniel Webster, and Webster is synonymous with defending the constitution and challenging others to do the same. Webster is known as the “Farmer of Marshfield” because he planted trees from around the world in Marshfield. Many of the trees he planted are still growing today. Everywhere you go in Marshfield, you will see the name “Webster”:

  • Daniel Webster Estate and Heritage Center
  • Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Daniel Webster Marsh
  • Daniel Webster Lodge
  • Daniel Webster School
  • Along with numerous streets, monuments, and tourist attractions, all paying tribute to the statesman

Exploring Marshfield

Marshfield’s salty marshes provide the perfect growing environment for salt meadow cordgrass, which was valuable fodder for farm animals. In 1640, the Hatch family was granted the rights to harvest the cordgrass “two miles along the river and half a mile inland on each side” along the North River. Their area is known appropriately as “Two Mile Farm”, and is open for residents and visitors to explore.

Today, Marshfield is known as a seafood lover’s paradise and attracts “foodies” from near and far. The abundance of freshly caught seafood, awesome harbor views, creative chefs, and growing community support, means the hospitality industry of Marshfield continues to grow and improve.

The beauty of the ocean and rivers in Marshfield provides locals and visitors with a plethora of outdoor activities. Favorite beaches include Brant Harbor, Rexhame, Green Harbor, Fieldston and Sunrise.

The wildlife sanctuaries are the perfect spots for nature lovers. Bird watching, canoeing, exploring, hiking and walking offer great escapes from a work-filled week to visitors and residents alike.

Annual Spring Planting Moon Pow-Wow at the Marshfield Fairgrounds is sponsored by the Center for Native American Awareness, and boasts “culturally authentic” and entertaining activities for children and adults. There are hands-on crafts and learning projects, music, food, storytelling and more.

Call Us!

We’re confident that if Daniel Webster were alive today, he would value the integrity of our business and call Above & Beyond for his chimney sweeping services. We want you as a chimney customer as well in Marshfield MA.

Our service area just wouldn’t be complete without our friends and neighbors in Norwell.