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Above & Beyond Chimney Service Does Well For Residents Of Norwell

Todd Ramsey and his team at Above & Beyond Chimney Service have been cleaning chimneys in Norwell for over 25 years. Here are some of the services we offer residents of Norwell and the Greater Framingham area:

The Full Training advises homeowners to have their chimneys, fireplaces, and venting systems inspected and cleaned once a year to reduce the risk of fires and toxic gas poisoning. To reduce these risks in your home, call on Above & Beyond Chimney Service!

We have the experience and expertise to make sure your heating appliances, chimney, and venting systems are working properly and as safely as possible. If repairs are needed, we can make them for you before further damage is done. The good news is that with proactive yearly inspections and maintenance, risks and major problems can be avoided.

You Can Trust The Experts!

We know what it takes to keep you safe. Our sterling history of integrity and expertise keeps our customers calling us back each year and recommending our services to their friends and family. We are proud members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild (MCSG). We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our technicians are certified by the Full Training.

Our technicians are skilled in working with historic homes, new homes, and homes built in between, and we provide you the best in service and safety.

Getting To Know Norwell

  • Norwell was first settled in 1634, and as times progressed, the town became known as South Scituate. In 1888, the town voted to change its name to Norwell to honor Henry Norwell, a local merchant who funded the maintenance of the roads.
  • Ship-building was instrumental in the progress of Norwell. The land was covered with rich forests that were perfect for harvesting the strong lumber the shipbuilders used. In contrast, trees in England were less abundant. As a result, the towns along the North River thrived as boat building communities for over two centuries.
  • Today, Norwell is an affluent community with close ties to the surrounding communities. Over 30% of Norwell is wetlands. The town is situated on the North River with many ponds and streams.
  • Third Herring Brook runs between Norwell and Hanover as a tributary of the North River. There are dams located along the brook that interfere with water flow and fish management. Renovation and restoration projects are now contingent on the evaluations as to whether to remove or keep the dams.
  • Norwell has a strong approach to conservation, and there are many trails for residents and visitors to explore. Jacobs Pond Conservation Area, Hatch Lots, Cuffey Hill Complex, Fogg Forrest, Donovan Fields, Miller and Clark Woods and Stetson Meadows provide a memorable, ever-evolving landscape and link to Norwell’s past and present.
  • The South Shore Natural Science Center is a place for the public to experience the nature and history of the area. The Science Center is on 30 acres and hosts educational and entertainment programs, camps, exhibits and a museum. Around the Center are 200 acres of woodlands, a pond and meadows. It was voted as one of Massachusetts’ 1000 Great Places to Visit by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.
  • The Cushing Center is synonymous with Norwell history. The Center is available for private and public functions, and features hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, a grand staircase and a fireplace sitting area. The Center is used for weddings, concerts, meetings and other special events.
  • The Annual “Art Is For Everyone” festival is held each year in July at the Cardinal Cushing Center. Art Is For Everyone brings together the residents of the center and the community. The Cushing Center provides children and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live as independently and as fully as possible.

When you need comprehensive chimney services in Norwell MA, you will always do well by contacting Above & Beyond Chimney Services.

Quincy, “the city of presidents,” is a regular part of our service area and we look forward to traveling there to assist our customers with all their chimney and fireplace needs.