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Above & Beyond Is Right On The Dot When It Comes To Protecting You From Chimney Fires!

The simple act of contacting Above & Beyond Chimney Service once a year can significantly reduce your risk of devastating household fires and dangerous toxic gas poisoning! It’s true! We provide comprehensive chimney sweeping services to homeowners in Dorchester to keep your chimney, fireplaces, wood stoves, and venting clean and clear of hazardous buildup. Above & Beyond also knows how important it is to have your gutters working properly and effectively to prevent water damage, mold, and rot damage to your home. Here are some of the services we provide:

The Dangers Present In Your Home

Many homeowners don’t realize how dangerous their beautiful fireplaces and convenient air ducts, dryer ducts, and gutter systems can be if neglected and unkempt.

  • Built up creosote (a byproduct of combustion) is highly combustible and incredibly corrosive to chimney components.
  • If animals, birds, and insects are nesting in your chimney, they will cause blockages and you won’t even know it.
  • Carbon monoxide can seep into your home from holes and gaps within the flue liner, cracked or damaged masonry, and poorly vented wood stoves and appliances. The toxic gases cause headaches and nausea, respiratory problems, and even death.
  • Your dirty air ducts can aggravate breathing issues and allergies.
  • If blocked or not properly installed, the venting of your clothes dryer is also a serious fire and health hazard. Lint buildup or animal intrusion can easily start a fire or force carbon monoxide back into the home.
  • Leaking chimneys and gutters can cause severe and expensive water damage on the inside and outside of your home by dumping water where it isn’t meant to go.

Above & Beyond Protects You

Savvy homeowners know that when they call us, they don’t have to worry about these hazards because Above & Beyond goes the extra mile to make sure we inspect each house, thoroughly clean and clear all venting, and make any necessary repairs to reduce these risks for you and your family. Owner Todd Ramsey takes this business very seriously, and has done so for over 25 years. Our business philosophy to protect your safety is built on knowledge, integrity, and customer service that goes above and beyond others in our industry. All our technicians are uniformed and carry proper identification, and are expertly trained and certified by the Certified Full Training. We are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and appreciate our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most of all, we are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our customers and for their recommendations!

Connecting The Dots In Dorchester

Dorchester is the largest neighborhood in Framingham . It was founded by the Puritans in 1630. The multi-cultural diversity of the area exemplifies the historic references to America as a “melting pot”. The unity and community pride of its residents show that above all, Framingham ians are Framingham ians.

• “Dot”, as the area is affectionately referred to, is rich in culture and coastal and community resources. Visitors and residents find that the revitalization of Dot Ave. has brought many eclectic and fun places to eat. Virtually every nationality is represented as restaurateurs showcase their native cuisine. There are Vietnamese, Irish, Indian, Jamaican and Italian restaurants nestled in with coffee shops, ice cream parlors, Soul food spots and BBQ joints.

In 1965 Columbia Health Center was the first community health center to open in the United States. The health center is still serving patients today as the Geiger-Gibson Health Center.

The JFK Presidential Library and Museum is located in Dorchester. The museum is a must-see for everyone regardless of your political point of view. The JFK museum showcases:

  • a time in history when politics and television merged
  • the Kennedy’s as a political dynasty
  • how the family dynamics influenced social and political events in our modern history

Visitors will see exhibits highlighting the early space missions, the infamous rocking chair, examples of Jacqueline Kennedy’s flair for style, and replicas of the Oval Office and Briefing Room. There are both permanent and special exhibits featured.

Pope John Paul II Park is located along the Neponset River. The park is a former landfill transformed into an attractive playground where visitors can hike, bike, and walk among its 65 acres. You can observe plants and animals, the salt marsh, the river, and of course, the many species of birds that the renovated park attracts. There are spots for picnicking and playing sports within the park as well.

And it’s about the water in Dorchester. Both Savin Hill and Malibu Beach offer swimming and spectacular views of the Harbor, as well as views of one of the city’s best known artistic landmarks, the Keyspan Gas Tank. The controversial rainbow painted tank is recognized as the largest copywrited artwork in the world.

We want to help keep residents of Dorchester happy and healthy. Let us take care of all of your yearly chimney maintenance and venting-related services. Contact us today or click here to schedule your appointment online!


Whether you’re a water lover or a history buff, or both, you’ll enjoy the community of Duxbury where Above & Beyond is known for its dependable chimney service to the area.