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It’s Smart To Have Above & Beyond Perform Your Chimney Services In Braintree

Above & Beyond Chimney Service has over 25 years of experience in protecting homeowners by providing expert chimney services. We love to help residents with their chimneys in Braintree MA, and offer these comprehensive services:

We Go Above & Beyond For You!

We have all heard news stories about homeowners who had devastating fires and/or carbon monoxide poisoning which originated in their chimney, fireplace, clothes dryer, and/or venting system. It breaks our hearts to hear these tragic events, especially because we know those hazards can be prevented with a simple phone call to Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond is your chimney sweep professional! We follow the guidelines of the Full Training and perform the yearly professional inspection and cleaning services they recommend. If there are any potential problems, we will correct them before they cause a fire or serious health issues for you and your family.

Another concern is that if your clothes dryer is not properly vented, the combustible gas from your dryer goes back into your house rather than being vented outside. Animals, insects and debris can also build up in the dryer vent (not to be confused with the lint filter) and be a fire hazard. We will clean and make sure your vent is doing what it’s supposed to do, or recommend the changes needed to ensure that it does.

It is also important to protect your home from the water damage caused when your gutters are clogged, missing, or improperly installed. Bad gutters leak and cause water to pool and leach into your structure and foundation. Our technicians will verify that your gutters are doing their job and make any necessary adjustments if they are not.

We Have Earned Our Credibility

Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep is dedicated to providing the very best chimney services in the industry. All our technicians are expertly trained and certified by the distinguished Full Training. We arrive at your home in uniform, with ID, and carrying professional equipment so there is no question who we are and whether or not we can perform your services with skill and integrity. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is A+. Our customers repeat business and their recommendations to others keep our business growing. We are also members in good standing of both the Massachusetts and National Chimney Sweep Guilds.

Great Brains From Braintree

Braintree is the birthplace and home of some of the best “brains” in American history. John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams were both born in Braintree. So was statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock. General Sylvanus Thayer, known as the founder of West Point, was also born in Braintree.

Braintree and the surrounding area played a pivotal role in the growth and development of America. Its close proximity to Framingham and Cape Cod give residents and visitors a great way to experience the combined amenities of a big city, a rich history, and an engaging residential community spirit.

There Is So Much To Do In Braintree

Historic venues are so popular in Braintree. Visitors can view how our statesmen lived, their artifacts, and learn about their influence both yesterday and today.

The General Sylvanus Thayer House and Museum takes visitors back to late 1700s. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Adams National Historic Park is “the story of heroes, statesmen, philosophers…and learned women”. Visitors can watch a movie called “Enduring Legacy: Four Generations of the Adams Family” to learn more about their lives and the part they played in American history. There is also a library, a historic house and museum to explore.

Sunset Lake is the perfect venue for water sports, beaches, picnicking, relaxing, fishing and sailing. The gazebo area is great for public gatherings. There are also Tuesday evening concerts during the summer at the Lake.

The Braintree Municipal Golf Course is an 18-hole public course offering golfers a challenging course, golf lessons, a fully-stocked pro shop, and even a great restaurant. Braintree offers clinics and special golf carts for golfers with special needs.

The natural habitat of Cranberry Pond Reservation makes it one of the most unique and challenging areas in Braintree for walking and hiking around ponds, marshes, bogs, swamps, and streams. Cranberry is perfect for the hiker looking for a rustic experience.

In contrast, Pond Meadow Park has paved hiking trails which are most popular with casual hikers and walkers. There are unpaved natural marked trails at Pond Meadow as well. Both Cranberry and Pond Meadow allow you to experience nature in Braintree at its finest.

Our loyal customers confirm that we provide intelligent chimney sweeping and related services with integrity and excellent customer service.