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Inspection, Cleaning & Repair in Braintree MA

chimney service in Braintree MA

Above & Beyond Chimney Service has been helping Braintree homeowners keep their chimneys clean and safe for more than 20 years. Here’s how our certified technicians can help you.

chimney sweep in Braintree MA

Chimney Sweep

We provide trained chimney sweeping for our Braintree customers to remove creosote and drafting obstructions from their chimney flues.

Creosote is a highly flammable substance that’s created when wood burns in the fireplace. The more creosote, the more chance of chimney fires – some of which are fairly minor and quick but can still damage your chimney.

Our chimney sweeps also remove the nests of small animals, tree droppings and other debris that could get into your flue and cause smoke to draft sluggishly. The big concern here is deadly carbon monoxide, which will be present if smoke backs up into your home.

Annual chimney sweeping is recommended by all U.S. fire-safety agencies as the best way to deal with creosote and venting obstructions.

chimney relining in Braintree MA

Chimney Repairs Braintree Region

We serve all of Braintree, MA, and surrounding South Shore communities with expert chimney repair services. Whatever is wrong with your chimney, we know how to determine the extent of the problem and get it repaired correctly.

Chimney repair work includes:

  • Chimney cap/chase top repair & replacement
  • Chimney crown repair, rebuilding & waterproofing
  • Chimney liner HeatShield repair & installation
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Masonry repair & waterproofing
  • Chimney flashing repair & replacement
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Smoke shelf repair
  • Fireplace damper repair & installation

Our team is fully trained in these and all other chimney repair tasks. You can count on Above & Beyond for repair work done right the first time.

chimney rebuilding in Braintree MA

Chimney Rebuilding

When our Braintree customers have major issues with their chimneys, they call us first to evaluate and then solve the problem.

Chimney structures can be damaged by a variety of weather and seismic events. When bricks are loose, mortar is crumbling, the chimney is leaning to one side or water damage has caused major compromises to the system, you should have the necessary repairs done before using your fireplace again.

We can rebuild your chimney from the ground up or in sections. Chimney rebuilding work often includes:

Tuckpointing: This process scrapes out deteriorated mortar and replaces it with a fresh new compound. Crumbling mortar joints can lead to a total chimney collapse and put your Braintree home at risk of serious damage.

Brick repair: Cracked or spalling bricks need to be addressed sooner rather than later. We’ll restore all the brickwork in your chimney to give you many more years of safe performance.

Chimney crown rebuilding: The cement crown at the top of your chimney is there to protect the bricks beneath it and internal areas of the chimney. Cracks that start small can expand and lead to widespread water damage.

chimney video inspection in Braintree MA

Chimney Inspections

Above & Beyond provides professional chimney inspections throughout the Braintree region. We offer both basic inspections and more involved inspections according to the guidelines laid out by the Full Training.

Annual inspections will alert you to early signs of trouble before it gets out of hand and costs you a lot of money and time to deal with. Many of our customers schedule their chimney cleaning and inspections at the same time for convenience.

Licensed, certified chimney experts are standing by year-round to help with chimney sweeping, chimney repairs, chimney rebuilding and all three levels of chimney inspections. Learn more about our services in and around Braintree, MA, or schedule an appointment by calling (781) 383-0415.