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Historic Chimney Restorations In Dedham MA

Dedham MA historic chimney repair
Homeowners in southern Massachusetts rely on Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Dedham for historic chimney restoration that takes old, damaged chimneys and makes them work – and look – like new again.

The greater Framingham area has so much to offer including a huge number of amazing historic homes. These dwellings are fascinating to look at, but keeping them in great shape often requires the services of professionals. One area that skilled technicians are necessary is historic chimney restoration projects.

Chimneys in Dedham homes built in the early 1900s and prior often require attention. For example, many chimneys in these historic homes don’t have liners and could therefore be dangerous to operate. Another example is chimneys that need to be brought up to current municipal codes for legal and safety reasons.

When Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Dedham performs historic chimney restoration, we take into consideration everything within the system that could cause safety and performance issues.

Focus Areas of Historic Chimney Restoration

historic chimney restorations in dedham ma

Areas we pay special attention to include:

Venting efficiency:

Make sure the flue is the proper size to vent the fireplace or other appliance.

Overall integrity of the chimney structure:

We address everything from chimney leaks to a faulty footing at the base of the chimney.

Damaged interior and exterior masonry:

Some level of chimney rebuilding/brick repair often is required to fully restore an older chimney.

Damaged roof flashing:

Warped or missing flashing provides free access for water to run into unseen areas of the home.

Chimney liner:

Historic chimney restoration projects often involve adding a new chimney liner or repairing the existing one.

Chimney crown repair:

Cracks are common in older chimney crowns; some can be repaired, others need to be rebuilt.

Fireplace damper:

A damaged damper sometimes can be repaired, but a new one may be needed.

Chimney cap installation:

If your historic chimney has no cap, we’ll install one; damaged caps should be repaired or replaced.

All this and more goes into restoring chimneys of historic Dedham homes so they once again look beautiful and work safely and efficiently.

Chimney Restoration Starts with a Professional Chimney Inspection

chimney restoration inspection in Dedham Massachusetts

Our technicians who work throughout Dedham MA and the greater Framingham and South Shore areas are thoroughly trained to inspect and evaluate your chimney during historic chimney restoration and renovation projects. Before any work is done, we want to understand the specific condition of your chimney.

Most older chimneys have some level of damage that has been neglected or missed through the years. Our trained chimney inspectors know how to determine exactly what needs to be addressed in order to fully restore your chimney while keeping you from spending extra money on unnecessary work.

A Trusted Chimney Services Company in Dedham MA

If you own an older home, you’ll be happy to know that Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Dedham has been solving problems and performing the very best in historic chimney restorations since 1997. We’re fully insured and hold a Massachusetts Contractor license and a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor license.

We perform all levels of chimney repair, restoration and rebuilding in Dedham as well as Hyde Park MA, West Roxbury MA, Canton MA, Quincy MA, Holbrook MA, Weymouth MA and other local communities. Get an estimate for your historic chimney restoration project, chimney cleaning or chimney repair services by calling (781) 355-6779.