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Chimney Leaking In Dedham MA

Dedham MA chimney leak repair
Dedham MA homeowners have relied on Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Dedham since 1997 to solve their leaky chimney problems. No matter why your chimney is leaking or where the leak is located, we know how to get it fixed.

A chimney leak is more than just an issue with some part of your chimney. It also can be a major nuisance if it begins to create strong, unpleasant odors that drift out of your fireplace or causes water to constantly drip into your firebox. We’re here to restore your safety and comfort.

Chimn Scan Chimney Technology in Dedham MAChimney Leak Repair Starts with a Chimney Inspection

Over the years, we’ve repaired a lot of leaky chimneys for our Dedham customers and know how to address every type of leak from any part of your chimney system. The first step to resolving leak issues is a thorough chimney inspection.

While the cause of your leaky chimney may be obvious, the infiltrating water could have affected other parts of the chimney structure or its components. A chimney inspection will tell us if other damage has occurred because of the original leak.

Signs Your Chimney Is Leaking

The most common signs that point to a leaky chimney or one that may start leaking soon include:

  • Crumbling mortar on the roof near the chimney
  • Loose or cracked bricks
  • White staining on the outside of the chimney
  • Cracks within the chimney crown
  • Damaged chimney cap or chimney chase top
  • Damp sections of interior walls and the ceiling near the fireplace
  • Water on the floor of the firebox
  • Strong, musty odors coming from the fireplace

If you notice any of these signs at your Dedham home, do not ignore them. Call Above & Beyond for a chimney inspection and expert chimney leak repair before using your fireplace again.

What Causes a Leaky Chimney In Dedham MA?

A variety of events and types of chimney damage can lead to a leaky chimney. Once water has a path into the system, it will begin a cycle of more extensive damage to the chimney structure and possibly adjacent building materials of the home such as wall boards, rafters and insulation.

If your chimney is leaking, the cause may be:

  • Season after season of extreme hot and cold temperatures that have caused brick damage
  • Lightning strike
  • Pounding hail
  • House-settling
  • An improperly built and shifting chimney footing
  • Earthquake
  • A chimney fire
  • Absence of a protective full-width chimney cap

These are just some possible causes of a chimney leak. After an inspection, we’ll be able to pinpoint the exact cause.

damaged chimney from rain in Dedham MA

Hire Only Chimney Professionals to Repair Your Chimney

Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Dedham MA employs highly trained chimney technicians to resolve your leaky chimney issues. We hold certifications through the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and our company is a proud member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.

When you hire us for any type of chimney work, you’re getting experienced professionals who understand your chimney from top to bottom. We’re fully insured for your protection and maintain a current Massachusetts Contractor license and Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor license.

If the chimney at your Dedham home is leaking, or if you suspect it is, call us today and let one of our chimney repair experts solve the problem. We serve all of Dedham as well as Needham MA, Norwood MA, Westwood MA, Brookline MA, Milton MA and other communities in the greater Framingham /South Shore area.

Call (781) 355-6779 today.