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Chimney Inspection In Dedham MA

Dedham MA chimney inspection

Dedham MA residents know the importance of annual chimney inspections performed by our trained and certified chimney technicians. Above & Beyond Chimney Sweep of Dedham provides all three levels of chimney inspection recognized by the Full Training.

certified chimney inspection in Dedham MAWhy a Chimney Inspection Is Important

Like with any other system or appliance in your home, if you catch signs of chimney trouble early, you can prevent an expensive repair project and a possible safety risk to you and your family.

Annual inspections are recommended and the National Fire Protection Association as a way to keep your chimney and fireplace running efficiently and safely.

When we inspect your chimney, we’re looking at these key areas and possibly many others:

  • Structural integrity of the chimney
  • Flue size and clearances
  • Proper connection/installation of the appliance vented by the chimney
  • Creosote buildup, which could lead to a chimney fire
  • Drafting obstructions, which could cause deadly carbon monoxide to back up into the house
  • Components of the chimney such as the chimney crown, chimney cap, flashing and chimney chase top

Expert Chimney Inspection for Our Dedham Customers

Inspections can be basic or involved, depending on known or suspected issues. Experts recognize three levels of chimney inspection covering all contingencies:

chimney video inspection level 2

Level 1: This basic inspection covers all visible areas of the chimney structure and is the type of inspection that should be performed once a year.

Level 2: Level 2 inspections are more in-depth and include the use of video imaging. They are performed when the home is being sold, following a chimney fire and when a new heating appliance is being connected to the chimney or other system modifications have taken place.

Level 3: When significant chimney damage is known to exist, a Level 3 chimney inspection is required. This often involves dismantling parts of the chimney structure and/or adjacent materials of the home to determine the extent of the damage and its exact location.

Communication with Your Chimney Inspector

When an Above & Beyond technician inspects your chimney, you’ll be given a complete list of what was found and recommendations on how to solve any identified problems. For inspections where we use video cameras, you’ll be able to see exactly what our techs saw during the chimney inspection.

Any chimney sweep, chimney repair or chimney rebuilding work we recommend can be performed by us, often on the day of the inspection. We value the trust that Dedham homeowners put in our team, and our end-goal is always an improved chimney system and increased safety for you and your family.

Dedham MA Chimney InspectionWhen you hire us for a chimney inspection in your Dedham home, you’re getting more than two decades of experience from a family-owned and family-operated business with employees who genuinely care about you and your chimney issues.

Along with complete insurance coverage, we’re members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and hold a Massachusetts Contractor license. We’re fully insured for your protection.

Is it time for a thorough inspection of your chimney? We serve all of Dedham as well as Needham MA, Norwood MA, Westwood MA, Avon MA, Stoughton MA and other communities in the greater Framingham /South Shore area. Call us today at (781) 355-6779.