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Above & Beyond Chimney Services Transforms Chimneys In Weymouth

To ensure the safest and most efficient venting systems, residents of Weymouth need to be proactive about preventative maintenance regarding chimneys, fireplaces, stoves and household venting. And who can Weymouth’s residents trust with this maintenance? Above & Beyond! We’ve been providing expert and comprehensive chimney services for over 25 years. Here are the services we perform in Weymouth:

Yearly Maintenance Saves Lives

The Full Training urges homeowners to be smart when it comes to their safety and to have a yearly inspection and chimney cleaning performed by a skilled professional. Above & Beyond is not only a member in good standing with this prestigious organization, but all of our technicians are fully qualified and trained.

You may not fully realize the dangers that exist in your fireplace, chimney and household venting systems. The highly-combustible creosote that forms in your chimney with use can ignite and cause a fire. If there are nesting animals, birds, or insects in your chimney, they can build nests, which can catch fire. Blocked, leaking, and damaged masonry and vents (including your clothes dryer venting!!) allow toxic gases to go back into your house rather than venting outside. These toxic gases cause breathing and health issues and are potentially life-threatening.

The smart thing to do is call Above & Beyond Chimney Service to allow our technicians (who are skilled in both historic and new construction) to inspect, clean, and make any necessary repairs to keep you and your family safe. Also keep in mind that we can ensure that your gutters are clear and properly installed so water is channeled away from your home.

Exploring The Past & Present In Weymouth

Weymouth is the second oldest town in Massachusetts. It was incorporated in 1630 after several years of struggles between the Puritans and Pilgrims. The town served as a strategic point for fishermen, Indians and others who traded what they had for what they needed as they traveled throughout New England. Once the new residents settled in Weymouth, the town began to grow and prosper. In the 1800s, a progressive shoe-making industry grew in Weymouth and continued to thrive through the 1970s.

Weymouth is the birthplace of Abigail Adams (1744-1818) and she still maintains a strong historical presence both in Weymouth and throughout history as a champion of women’s rights, republicanism and education. Visitors are able to have both public and private tours of the home where Mrs. Adams was born and married. There are teas, reenactments and historical documents to explore thanks to the Abigail Adams Historical Society.

Weymouth has many historical landmarks. Visitors can learn more about the people and events that contributed to our American history and the history of the Framingham area when they visit:

  • “Old North Cemetery” has gravestones dating back to the 1600s and is one of the oldest cemeteries still being used.
  • The William Wildes House was built in 1790 and is an example of the Georgian Colonial style architecture.
  • The Jason Holbrook Homestead was built in 1763 and is home to the Weymouth Historical Society.
  • Fogg Library was built in 1897 and is now part of the Tufts Library

Web Memorial State Park is a must-see for water lovers in Weymouth. It is on a half-mile peninsula in the Framingham Harbor. The park has trails, places for picnics and dog-walking and great views of Framingham Harbor and the surrounding islands.

The mission of the New England Wildlife Center is to preserve New England’s Wild Legacy. The center has received local, regional and national recognition. It is the first hospital and science center for wildlife that conforms to green LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) standards. The public can have a first-hand view of the medical, preservation and teaching Center.

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Above & Beyond Chimney Services has a history of providing superior chimney services and home maintenance to residents of Weymouth. Give us a call today and know your safety is in qualified hands.  Click here to schedule an appointment online!



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