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Tuckpointing Your Masonry Chimney Can Save You Money

Your masonry chimney gives your home an air of majesty and elegance. Whether your chimney is built with simple red brick or regal white stones, it stands tall above your home, always ready to do its job. Through years of severe storms and heavy Framingham snowfall, your chimney has held up and never complained. Because Read more

How To Protect Your Chimney Crown From Getting Damaged

The robust structure of chimneys, often made of brick or stone, deceives a lot of homeowners. Many people assume chimneys were designed to withstand the elements for years without suffering any damage. Unfortunately, this type of thinking can result in large, expensive chimney repairs for the unsuspecting homeowners. Despite being made of tough brick or Read more

A Functional Chimney Cap Can Save You Thousands

Summer has officially come to a close and cooler weather is on its way. This time of the year marks the start of many things like school for the kids, leaves changing colors, and preparing for the upcoming holidays. Some of you may even have your fireplace on your mind because it will soon turn Read more

Keep Your Chimney Safe By Getting A Regular Chimney Sweep

Fall weather has officially rolled in. The chilly wind has colorful leaves falling to the ground and has us starting to bundle up. With the cooler weather comes the time to start thinking about heating your home. While some have the luxury of a gas powered furnace, many homes in the Framingham area are older Read more

Scan Your Chimney For Damages With Chim Scan Technology

With winter just around the corner, everyone is looking for ways to stay warm. Wool socks, thick jackets, and insulated boots come in handy outside, but staying warm inside is another matter. For many homeowners in the Framingham area, keeping warm in the house means lighting a fire in the fireplace or stove. To keep Read more