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Scan Your Chimney For Damages With Chim Scan Technology

With winter just around the corner, everyone is looking for ways to stay warm. Wool socks, thick jackets, and insulated boots come in handy outside, but staying warm inside is another matter. For many homeowners in the Framingham area, keeping warm in the house means lighting a fire in the fireplace or stove. To keep these heating appliances running smoothly, homeowners must keep up to date on chimney cleaning and maintenance. With the latest Chimney Scan technology, caring for the chimney has never been easier

Chimn Scan Chimney TechnologyChimn Scan Technology

Dating back to 1984, the closed circuit internal evaluation system known as Chim Scan technology has helped countless people examine hard to reach spaces in their homes, appliances, and machinery. Made by Estoban Corporation, these chimney cameras and cleaning tools can fit into a wide range of flue sizes, from three inch venting pipes to 13 by 18 inch fireplace flues. Larger chimneys can be inspected with the addition of special supporting equipment. Because of the construction and functional shape of a chimney, properly examining every aspect of the interior is impossible even with sunshine or powerful artificial lights. The Chim Scan camera has the ability to travel up through the chimney and record images of the interior.



While the annual chimney sweep and regular visual inspection can help keep the chimney safe and functional, a mason on the ground or the roof cannot possibly identify every issue within the chimney.

Chimney Sweep & Chimney Inspection Services in South Framingham , MAChimney Inspection & Cleaning

Problems like built up soot or a deteriorated flue lining may go unseen in a basic inspection, and such unintentional neglect can have serious consequences. The soot in the chimney comprises mainly of creosote, a flammable and carcinogenic by-product of combustion. It builds up in any chimney that uses non-electric fuel and must be cleaned out often. Creosote can reduce the venting ability of the chimney, forcing toxic fumes like carbon monoxide back into the home, and it can also catch fire, resulting in a dangerous chimney fire. A deteriorated flue lining also causes its fair share of trouble. The flue lining protects the house and chimney from the heat of the fire and from water that may leak into the chimney. A damaged lining exposes the home to these elements and can lead to water damage and house fires.


With a video scanner like Chim Scan, the mason can easily detect problems like creosote buildup and flue lining damage. That way, the homeowner can take care of them before any severe damage occurs. If you live in the Massachusetts counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Plymouth or Barnstable and want a Chim Scan video scan done on your chimney, contact Above & Beyond Chimney Service to schedule an appointment. Winter is almost here, so have your chimney checked before lighting your next fire!