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Tuckpointing Your Masonry Chimney Can Save You Money

Your masonry chimney gives your home an air of majesty and elegance. Whether your chimney is built with simple red brick or regal white stones, it stands tall above your home, always ready to do its job. Through years of severe storms and heavy Framingham snowfall, your chimney has held up and never complained. Because of their simple and sturdy construction, many people mistakenly think their chimneys do not need regular maintenance. While old and maybe even damaged chimneys can do their jobs reasonably well, without proper care a damaged chimney can cause serious problems.

Water Damage and Your Chimney

Chimney Masonry Repair Services in Dorchester MAAll types of materials used in masonry chimneys, except stone, are prone to water damage. Brick, mortar, concrete, flue tiles, and steel all experience water damage. This occurs because these materials naturally absorb water, and in the colder months, the freeze-thaw cycle causes the water to expand. When the mortar, for example, expands because of the water is absorbed, it loses its structural integrity and will crack and deteriorate. Although stone does not absorb water the way the other masonry materials do, a stone chimney will still have other water-sensitive materials, like mortar or concrete, that will need attention. A few different issues arise when a masonry chimney experiences water damage. First, the structure of the chimney has become unstable, especially when large cracks are present or the mortar has deteriorated significantly.


While an unstable chimney might last for several more decades, it also might collapse next week. This issue should be addressed sooner rather than later because repairing a cracked chimney costs much less than building a brand new one.

Second, if the masonry chimney has been damaged by water, chances are good that the water can now seep inside the chimney. Once the water has entered the chimney, it can also enter your home and cause serious water damage to the interior. Signs of water damage in your home include water-stained walls and ceilings around your fireplace, rusted damper assembly, and mildew smell in the home. If you have these signs in your home, your chimney needs immediate attention. Luckily, there are affordable options to stop water damage and prevent it in the future.

Chimney Tuckpointing in Dedham, MA What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is an affordable way to add years of life to your masonry chimney. This repair technique involves matching the color of the new brick and mortar accurately to the original brick and mortar. With an accurate match, the damaged areas of your chimney are restored to their original beauty and water will no longer be able to enter your chimney or home.

If you live near South Framingham and the South Shore area in Suffolk, Plymouth or Barnstable Counties, you can contact Above and Beyond Chimney Service for a professional consultation. The experts at Above and Beyond have extensive experience in restoring damaged masonry through tuckpointing.