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Maintaining Your Chimney After The Winter Season

As the official start of winter approaches, the last thing on anyone’s mind is the chimney. Last minute holiday shopping, having winter tires put on the car, and shoveling snow are more common winter concerns. However, the chimney should be high on the priority list because winter can have cause serious damage to the structure. Read more

Protect Your Chimney With The Heatshield Flue Sealant

Around this time of year, many homeowners have already started to use their fireplaces and wood stoves, especially around the chilly Framingham area. Using the fireplace again means updating the regular maintenance required to keep the chimney clean and safe. A chimney sweep is always in order to make sure the chimney has no obstructions Read more

Why Should I Get An Annual Chimney Sweep?

The New Year has finally arrived, bringing some chilly air along with it. Staying warm is a top priority this time of year, and for some, that means putting the fireplace to good use. Homeowners in the Framingham area have likely been using their fireplaces and wood stoves for a couple months already, but that Read more

Easy Fireplace Safety Tips Homeowners Should Follow

A fireplace is a valuable addition to any east coast home, especially during the winter. Gray skies, bare trees, and a sharp wind can make the chilly season feel longer than it is, but cozying up to a toasty fire helps hurry things along. The comforting crackle and the soothing dance of flames puts us Read more