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Protect Your Chimney With The Heatshield Flue Sealant

Around this time of year, many homeowners have already started to use their fireplaces and wood stoves, especially around the chilly Framingham area. Using the fireplace again means updating the regular maintenance required to keep the chimney clean and safe. A chimney sweep is always in order to make sure the chimney has no obstructions or creosote buildup. A chimney inspection should also be performed to check for any functional issues in and around the chimney. Unfortunately, most basic inspections involve looking into the chimney from inside the house and from on top of the roof. With these inspections, it can be easy to miss damage in the middle of the chimney, especially if the chimney is tall. This overlooked damage can include issues like cracked, broken, or missing flue tiles, which can cause dangerous and expensive problems.

Heatshield Chimney Flue Repair in Dorchester, MAHeatShield flue sealant

Flue tiles line the interior of the chimney to guard the chimney against the damages caused by smoke, heat and water that leaks into the chimney. The flue tiles also provide a barrier between the fire and the combustible materials used to build the home, which helps prevent house fires. The National Bureau of Standards conducted a study involving a fire burned under an unlined chimney. In only 3 ½ hours, the adjacent woodwork in the home caught fire, which means a fire can start after just one evening of fireplace use. To protect your home and chimney against the dangers of missing or damaged flue tiles, the homeowners must have a professional out to assess the current condition of the flue. Based on this assessment, the professional can utilize HeatShield products to address the problem properly.


The problem may only involve missing mortar between the flue tiles. Here, the chimney specialist simply applies the HeatShield flue sealant to the interior of the chimney with the aid of a custom made application blade.

Chimney Flue Liner Installation in Marshfield, MACracked Chimney Flue Liner

When the flue tiles have suffered more damage, like cracks and small holes, the specialist may opt to use the Resurfacing System. First, a special primer is applied to the surface to prepare it for the HeatShield product. Then, a thin coating of HeatShield flue sealant seals up the cracks and small holes. This final application means the flue lining can now fully protect the home.

Lastly, the chimney may be missing large areas of flue tiles or may not be lined at all. This situation requires immediate professional attention to prevent the inevitable house fire. Fortunately, the fix is easy thanks to HeatShield. A custom fitting steel fabric is laid against the interior of the chimney after the first layer of flue sealant has been laid. With a second layer of HeatShield flue sealant to cover the steel mesh, the chimney is safe to use again.


To guarantee the highest quality installation and function, only experts should apply HeatShield products. If you live in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Plymouth or Barnstable, you can reach a HeatShield specialist by contacting Above and Beyond Chimney Service.