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Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

Protecting your chimney is essential for your safety, the integrity of the structure, and its efficient operation. And one of the best protections you can invest in is a chimney cap. Let’s look at what a chimney cap is and its benefits.

Chimney Cap Installation Duxbury, MAWhat is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps sit on top of your chimney above the crown. Its purpose is to keep rain and moisture out of the chimney to prevent water damage, prevent embers and sparks from exiting, and keep animals out. Most chimney caps are made from steel or copper mesh and are available in a variety of styles to accentuate your home.

Chimney Cap Benefits

Many homeowners don’t see the necessity of installing a cap, but there are many. As mentioned, a chimney cap keeps elements like rain and rodents from getting into the flue.

  • Prevents Water Damage
    Chimney leaks and moisture are the most common causes of chimney damage, and if you don’t do everything you can to protect it, you could wind up needing extreme repairs or a complete chimney rebuild. Besides damaging the outer structure, water can also damage the flue liner, especially if it’s made from clay. Clay, like brick and mortar, is extremely porous and once water gets in, it forms cracks, which can destroy the liner, exposing your chimney to high temperatures and putting you at risk of a fire.Cracks in the flue or bricks aren’t the only symptom of water damage; you may experience dank odors and damper corrosion.
  • Prevents Obstructions
    Another benefit to installing a chimney cap is to prevent rodents like mice, birds, squirrels, bats, and raccoons from getting into the flue and making their homes.You might not think our furry and feathered friends can cause significant chimney damage, but that’s not the case. If nesting animals get into the flue, it can create a blockage, causing poor ventilation, back puffing, and toxic gases flowing back into your home.Finally, if animals become trapped in the flue and die, it will cause a foul odor that’s difficult to get rid of.
    And animals aren’t the only cause of chimney obstructions, leaves, twigs, and debris can also find their way in and cause problems.
  • Prevents Fire
    Another benefit of installing a chimney cap is that it helps prevent fires. Sparks and embers can flow out of an uncapped chimney and land on the roof, leading to a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Improves Drafting
    Lastly, a properly fitted chimney cap stops drafts from getting into the house. As fireplace owners know, maintaining a healthy, efficient fire is sometimes a challenge, especially if you have drafting issues. Without proper drafting, you’ll have difficulty keeping your fire lit and producing adequate heat.Installing a chimney cap prevents drafts due to high winds from blowing down the flue, compromising your fire.

Proper Chimney Cap Installation

Of course, you won’t get the benefits of installing a chimney cap if it’s not properly installed. Even if you consider yourself handy around the house, chimney cap installation is best left to the professionals. Hiring a certified chimney specialist not only guarantees your cap is fitted correctly, but pros can identify problems that an amateur might miss — problems that could lead to significant damage and expensive repairs or disastrous fires.

How Much Does it Cost?

The good news about a chimney cap is that it’s cost-effective when you compare it to the thousands of dollars required to repair an already water-damaged chimney. The protection you get from installing a chimney cap is worth every penny. Moreover, depending on the material, a chimney cap can last up to 25 years, making it a wise investment.

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