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Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Fireplaces are beautiful and add ambiance and value to your home. However, they can be deadly if you’re not careful or keep them well maintained. This article will dive into the benefits of gas fireplace maintenance and how often you should call a professional for an inspection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Routine gas fireplace maintenance increases its lifespan
  • Maintaining a gas fireplace ensures efficient and safe operation
  • Experts recommend yearly fireplace check-ups and inspection
  • Annual gas fireplace maintenance prevents minor issues from escalating into problems that can be life-threatening

Common Gas Fireplace Problems

More and more people opt for a gas fireplace versus a wood-burning one because they’re easier and cleaner to operate and don’t require much maintenance. However, gas fireplaces suffer problems despite their ease of use, especially if you ignore yearly maintenance.

 The most common gas fireplace issues you may encounter.

Unusual Odors

A strange odor coming from the gas fireplace is enough to cause panic because many people automatically think they have a gas leak. Gas leaks are serious, but fortunately, not all strange smells coming from the fireplace result from gas leaks.

Other sources of foul odors include:

  • Pet dander or fur
  • Dust
  • Cleaning product residue

Gas emits a distinctive odor, so it’s easier to distinguish between a gas leak and a smell coming from another source.

The Fireplace Won’t Start

Ignition problems are the most common we run into. If your gas fireplace fails to ignite, it could be something as simple as a gas valve was accidentally shut off or a breaker has tripped.

Soot Buildup

Although gas fireplaces don’t leave ash behind, they suffer from soot buildup. Failing to clean your fireplace regularly results in performance problems and system malfunction.

A Dirty Chimney

Many homeowners don’t ever think about their chimney because out of sight usually means out of mind. The chimney is integral to your fireplace’s safety and performance, so if you neglect chimney maintenance, soot builds up, which can lead to a chimney fire. This is why it’s crucial to your safety to include chimney sweeping and maintenance as part of your fireplace maintenance routine.

How Often Should I Maintain My Gas Fireplace?

Now that you know the problems of a lack of gas fireplace maintenance, let’s look at how often you should call for inspection and cleaning and the benefits of doing so. Experts agree that annual gas fireplace maintenance is the minimum schedule to keep your system running efficiently and safely.

Even though gas fireplaces require less maintenance than wood-burning fireplaces and don’t create as much waste, regular cleaning prevents dangerous soot buildup. It ensures the system’s components are in good condition.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Checklist

How you maintain your fireplace determines how long the system lasts, how comfortable you are, and whether it’s safe. You can do several things to keep your fireplace in top working condition, but before you do anything, always read the user’s manual for specific maintenance instructions relevant to your model.

Turn Off the Gas & Pilot Light

Before you do any cleaning or maintenance to your gas fireplace, always turn off the gas for safety.

Clean the Glass

Experts recommend that you clean the glass or wind guard once a month, whether you’ve used the fireplace or not. Regular cleaning keeps the glass from becoming cloudy, which can be permanent.

Vacuum the Burners

Over time, debris builds up in the burners, impeding performance. Use a vacuum to carefully remove dust, dirt, and debris from the burners, and use a soft toothbrush to loosen stubborn dirt.

Clean the Logs

Another essential cleaning chore is cleaning the gas logs. Remove the logs and put them on an old sheet to prevent soot from getting on the carpet. Remove the soot with a soft paintbrush or broom.

Hire a Professional

While fireplace maintenance can be a fun DIY project, specific tasks are best left to the professionals. Expert fireplace technicians know what to look for when performing annual safety inspections, such as the gas pressure and whether the burners operate at maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Professional Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Without professional gas fireplace maintenance, your system can fall into disrepair despite your best efforts to keep it clean and work correctly. Sure, there are plenty of do-it-yourself guides and YouTube videos you can watch to walk you through routine fireplace maintenance; there are many benefits to hiring a professional.

gas fireplace maintenance in Dedham MA

  • Expert fireplace technicians know the ins and outs of fireplaces because they have years of training and experience. This experience means they spot problems you will overlook –– issues that could be life-threatening if left unchecked.
  • Hiring a professional saves time. Everyone is busy, and cleaning your fireplace can take hours, and you still may not get it as clean as a pro can.
  • Professional fireplace companies inspect and clean your chimney. A dirty or damaged chimney can lead to a fire, causing you to lose your house or worse.
  • Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind knowing the job is done right. Sure, you can watch tutorials on fireplace maintenance, but are you sure you did it correctly or didn’t damage something in the process? When you hire an experienced technician, you can rest assured your fireplace and chimney are in good shape and ready to provide safe comfort when you need them.

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