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Time for A Chimney Cap Repair Or installation

The Best Chimney Cap Repair Technicians In Cohasset, MADo you like saving money?  Do you like making things in your home more efficient?  Do you like doing whatever possible to make sure your fireplace and chimney are safe for your home?  If you said yes to any of these questions then you need to ask your chimney technician about installing a chimney cap during your next inspection.  To contact a professional call Above and Beyond Chimney Service today!

Type of chimney caps

Since there are different types of fireplace, there are multiple models of chimney caps.  First, there are metal chimneys, which are connected to most of your wood stoves and fireplaces.  Caps are especially important to these types of chimneys because water can ruin the inside of the structure.  Also, animals will feel the warmth from the chimney and try to nest inside of the unit.


Since masonry fireplace work in a different way, they need a different type of cap.  It is still important to protect these units from rain and wildlife, but it can also help to have a chimney cap because it will prevent windy weather form messing up the draft.  However, if the cap is not installed correctly it can worsen your draft rather than improve it.

What do chimney caps do?

Highest Ranking Chimney Cap Technicians in Duxbury, MAThe Full Training explains that chimney caps are one of the most inexpensive and best ways to prevent chimney damage.  Besides destroying the liner of the chimney, water can allow mold to grow.  The mold can then spread to the air and foundation of your home.  This is why it is especially important to keep water out of the chimney. When nature is allowed in the chimney blockages can form, which can cause draft blockages and an increased hazard for a chimney fire.  Animals are usually the main problem, along with tree twigs and leaves.  Since animals often carry diseases, there is more than one reason to keep them away.  Hopefully, a chimney fire is not ignited inside of your chimney, but if so having a chimney cap is an added source of protection.  Since chimney fires are so hot and build so quickly, the sparks tend to shoot out everywhere.  The cap will work to block and keep the flames from spreading.