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Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair In Scituate MA

chimney service in Scituate MA

The best way to keep your Scituate MA chimney and fireplace system safe and working optimally is with regular chimney sweep, chimney repair and chimney inspection services from a qualified local contractor.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service has helped Scituate homeowners help their chimneys since 1997. Here’s how we can help you.

chimney cleaning in Scituate MA

Chimney Sweep In Scituate

Chimney sweeps clean chimneys. We use specialized tools such as electronic scrubbers, brushes, solvents and industrial vacuums to thoroughly remove creosote and drafting obstructions from your chimney. Why is this so important? Two reasons.

  1. Creosote, which builds up in your flue when wood fires are burned, is the leading cause of chimney fires each year in the United States. Over time, even smaller chimney fires can destroy a chimney and put your entire home at risk.
  2. Drafting obstructions such as the nests of small animals and tree debris narrow the flue and can cause smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into your home. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless and is known to be potentially fatal to people and pets.

Above & Beyond’s chimney sweep technicians are certified through the Full Training and bring years of hands-on training to every job.

chimney relining in Scituate MA

Chimney Repairs

Whatever is happening with your chimney or its components, we know how to fix it the right way. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided Scituate homeowners with chimney repair services including:

  • Chimney crown repair & waterproofing
  • Full-width chimney cap/flue cover repair & installation
  • Chimney liner replacement & repair including HeatShield
  • Throat damper and top-mount damper repair & installation
  • Leaky chimney repairs/leak detection
  • Masonry waterproofing
  • Chimney flashing repair & replacement
  • Smoke chamber parging & smoke shelf repair

When your chimney isn’t functioning correctly, our certified chimney repair experts will solve the problem.

Chimney Tuckpointing services in Scituate MA

Chimney Rebuilding

Chimneys that have suffered significant damage often need to be rebuilt. Chimney rebuilding can involve just the stack (the part above the roof) or the stack and the breast (the part below the roof). Our experienced masons rebuild chimneys throughout Scituate and perform historic chimney restorations for older homes.

Other masonry services include:

Chimney crown rebuilding: This process protects bricks and the flue beneath the crown from damaging water.

Tuckpointing: Our chimney rebuilding team performs tuckpointing to fill in missing areas of mortar within the masonry with a strong new compound to restore strength to your Scituate MA chimney.

Brick repair or replacement: When bricks begin to spall (become damaged or loose), they need to be repaired or replaced before a dangerous structural compromise exists.

chimney video inspection in Scituate MA

Scituate MA Chimney Inspections

Annual chimney inspections are a great way to learn about early signs of chimney damage or malfunction and get the problem fixed fast. Above & Beyond offers three recommended levels of chimney inspection:

Level 1: Basic inspection covering visible areas of the chimney.

Level 2: Performed when:

  • Damage is believed to exist somewhere in the system
  • You’re adding a new heating appliance, relining your chimney or otherwise altering the system
  • You’re selling your home

Level 3: This inspection is called for when serious damage is known to exist and your repair tech needs to determine the exact location, extent and cause.

Keeping the chimney at your Scituate home safe and performing at top levels isn’t hard when you work with our certified team of licensed chimney professionals.

We’re here to help all year long. Give us a call at (781) 383-0415.