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Chimney Sweep, Inspections & Repair In Duxbury MA

expert chimney service in duxbury MA

Trouble with your chimney doesn’t have to turn into major, expensive repair projects. Above & Beyond Chimney Service provides Duxbury MA homeowners with all the solutions they need to keep their chimney and fireplace systems in top working order and safe all year long.

chimney sweep in duxbury MA

Chimney Sweep/Chimney Cleaning

Scheduling a visit from one of our trained chimney sweeps is beneficial in several ways. The sweep’s primary job is chimney cleaning with two primary objectives:

  1. Remove creosote from the flue: Wood-burning fireplaces create a substance called creosote, which clings to the walls of your chimney linter. Creosote is highly flammable and is the cause of most chimney fires throughout the Duxbury area each year.
  2. Remove obstructions from the flue: Small-animal nests, falling tree debris and other obstructions will narrow the flue passage and prevent smoke and deadly carbon monoxide from drafting properly.

Our chimney sweeps use a variety of electronic and hand tools to remove creosote and obstructions. We recommend annual chimney cleaning to keep your chimney safe and efficient.

Duxbury MA chimney inspection

Chimney Inspection Duxbury, Massachusetts

Professional chimney inspections are another important maintenance task. Only through an inspection performed by a trained and licensed technician can you know about early signs of damage or malfunction and make repairs before big problems arise.

We inspect a lot of chimneys throughout Duxbury and neighboring cities, providing all three levels of chimney inspection as outlined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

  • Level 1: The basic annual inspection.
  • Level 2: Needed when the home is being sold, following an event that likely has caused damage, and when your system is being modified such as if you add a gas insert to the fireplace.
  • Level 3: Performed when significant damage is known to exist.

chimney repair in duxbury ma

Chimney Repairs

Above & Beyond provides a variety of chimney repair services in Duxbury that will extend the life of your chimney and keep it running safely.

  • Chimney liner repair/new liner installation – this is critical to protect interior chimney masonry and adjacent materials of the home
  • Chimney waterproofing to seal small cracks and prevent water damage
  • Repair and installation of full-width chimney caps and flue top caps to keep water and debris out of the chimney system
  • Chimney flashing installation to replace damaged flashing that seals the gap between your chimney and roof
  • Fireplace damper and top-mount damper repair and replacement

chimney rebuilding in Duxbury MA

Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry Projects

If the chimney at your Duxbury MA home has suffered serious damage either from water leaks or unexpected events such as lightning, hail or an earthquake, we can solve the problem with expert chimney rebuilding and masonry work.

Complete and partial chimney rebuilding: Depending on the extent of the damage, we can rebuild just the stack above the roof or the stack and the breast, which is the part below the roofline.

Chimney crown rebuild: The cement chimney crown at the top of your chimney serves to protect the flue as well as the bricks below the crown. We rebuild severely damaged crowns. Minor cracking often can be addressed by waterproofing.

Tuckpointing: When mortar begins to crumble, trouble may soon be on the way. Tuckpointing replaces missing areas of mortar with a strong new compound.

Brick repair: Brick spalling (damage), if not repaired, can make your chimney unsafe. Our experienced masons will repair or replace spalling bricks as needed to restore strength to your chimney.

You can add years of life to your Duxbury chimney with regular chimney sweep services, chimney inspections and timely chimney repair and rebuilding. Speak with a chimney expert today at (781) 383-0415.