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Is it Time to Reface Your Fireplace?

Whether you have a traditional masonry fireplace, a fireplace insert or a prebuilt fireplace, you can dramatically enhance the look of your hearth area with a custom fireplace refacing project. Refacing the fireplace structure or the area around it can be a fairly simple job that you can take on; it also can be quite elaborate and require the expertise of skilled masons and/or fireplace contractors.

Fireplace refacing ideas

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It’s your fireplace area, so you’re always free to come up with any decorative touches you desire. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add a mantel

If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, or if it has one that’s old, outdated or just plain boring, spruce up your hearth area with a nice new mantel in your choice of styles, sizes and finishes.

Clean the existing facing bricks or stone

Brick and stonework around fireplaces tends to collect soot and dust over the years. Use a mild cleanser and stiff brush to give your bricks or stone a fresh appearance.

Consider installing or building a fireplace surround

The term “fireplace surround” can apply to any wall treatment that borders your fireplace. The border can be tight and just a foot or so in width outside your fireplace opening, or it can take up an entire wall. You can purchase fireplace surrounds that are ready to install, or you can have one custom-built.

Popular surround materials include:

  • Wood
  • Paneling
  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Granite
  • Tile

surrounding fireplace decor, braintree maWhen thinking about your hearth area and specifically the wall in which your fireplace sits, think not only good looks but also functionality. Some prebuilt fireplace surrounds and all custom-made surrounds can feature:

  • Space for a large-screen TV and/or speakers
  • Recessed areas for flowers, artwork, knick-knacks, antiques, portraits and anything else
  • Shelving for books
  • Set-in-wall clocks
  • Decorative mirrors, which can be small and decorative or set in large panels, taking up most or all of your facing area

Fireplace specifics

We’ve talked about additions that can go around your fireplace, but what about your fireplace itself? A good fireplace cleaning likely would add luster and elegance to your hearth area. If your firebox is suffering from brick or structural damage, a fireplace refacing project is a good time to get the necessary repairs made.

Another consideration is the efficiency of your fireplace. If you’re using a standard open masonry fireplace, you’re probably not getting nearly as much heat as you’d desire. A fireplace insert that runs on gas or wood fuel will change all that.

Or maybe you aren’t happy with the location of your masonry fireplace and would like a new fireplace in some other part of the room or in some other room. A powerful, efficient prebuilt fireplace will solve this problem. Get your new fireplace installed, then start figuring out how you want your facing and/or surround to look.

Make upgrades in the way that best suits you

When it comes to fireplaces and hearth areas, no matter how yours looks right now, it can always be changed for the better. Use the ideas we presented here or come up with your own to make your fireplace area as unique and elegant as you want it.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service of Dedham, MA, is a licensed Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor and can help with many fireplace refacing/upgrade projects. We also provide full-service chimney and fireplace repairs, installation of fireplaces and inserts and licensed inspections to keep your appliance safe and working correctly.

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