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5 Reasons Your Chimney Needs a Chimney Cap

Chimney caps sit at the top of chimneys and guard the flue openings and the chimney structure. If you’re operating your chimney without a secure cap, you’re asking for trouble – possibly sooner rather than later.

Here are five reasons your chimney needs a well-built chimney cap.

1. A chimney cap is different from a flue cover

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A flue cover, as the name implies, covers flue openings. This is a good way to keep water and debris out of the flue, but flue covers do not add the extra layer of protection that full-width chimney caps do.

A custom, full-width chimney cap covers the entire top of a masonry chimney, protecting not only the flue openings but also the concrete chimney crown. Crowns are prone to cracking, and when water gets into the cracks, serious damage is likely to occur and allow water into the interior chimney.

2. Chimney caps keep out rain and snow

Moisture is the #1 enemy of chimneys. Without a secure chimney cap, your flue is open to rain and snow, which can cause damage to the masonry as well as the chimney liner. Mold growth is another possible result of infiltrating moisture that happens when the top of your chimney is unprotected.

A good chimney cap will help to extend the life of your chimney liner and the masonry that makes up your whole chimney structure.

3. Chimney caps prevent debris buildup

Leaves, twigs, falling fruit and other tree debris can get into a flue and cause a drafting obstruction by narrowing the flue passage. The nests of small animals such as birds and squirrels as well as the bodies of these animals who have died in the chimney also can impede the drafting of smoke and harmful combustion gases causing smoke to back up into your home, or even fires.

By installing a full-width chimney cap, you’ll keep your flue clear and allow deadly carbon monoxide and other flue gases to go up and away from your home rather than back into it.

4. Chimney caps contain sparks

Large, red-hot sparks during a fireplace fire can escape the top of the chimney and land on the roof, dry leaves, lawn furniture and anything else. This issue should be enough to cause every homeowner to make sure his or her chimney is secured with a well-built chimney cap.

full-width chimney cap, cohassett, mass5. Chimney caps help to reduce downdrafts

When you’re running your fireplace on a windy day, you might have noticed gushes of wind coming down the chimney. Worse, you may have experienced sparks and ash blowing into your room. You can’t stop the wind, but you can keep most of it out of your flue with a chimney cap.

If your chimney has no chimney cap, or if you’re using just a plain flue cover, consider all the advantages of a full-width, custom-fit chimney cap, which not only provides the above benefits but looks great while doing it.

Above & Beyond Chimney Service of Dedham, MA, installs top-of-the-line chimney caps throughout the South Boston region. We also provide CSIA-certified chimney sweeping, chimney inspections and all types of chimney repair and rebuilding work.

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