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Converting My Wood-Burning Fireplace To A Gas Log Fireplace

Gas Log fireplace installation services in Scituate, MAWhat is Involved

When the weather turns cold, many people start thinking about converting their wood-burning fireplaces to gas logs. There is no denying that pushing a button or flipping a switch is certainly easier than bringing in logs and building a fire. However, it is important to have all of the information about the conversion before making any plans and setting them in motion. You also may want to consult with an experienced professional. We’d love to help you make the best decision for your home. For most people, the main factor that they are concerned about is how much the conversion will cost. This depends, in large part, on what exactly they are hoping to accomplish with the conversion to gas logs. A homeowner who wants their gas logs to produce a great deal of heat should expect to spend more.



However, it may cost less than for someone who is more concerned with the ambiance than the heat. In addition, the more detailing the job requires, generally the higher the price as it will involve more labor to complete.

Easier, but Not Problem-free

The Highest Ranking Chimney Service Company In Quincy, MAIt is true that a fireplace with gas logs is more convenient for most people than a woodburning model. This is because it is usually as simple as pushing a button on the remote control to have a roaring fire going in moments. However, it is important to keep in mind that a fireplace with gas logs requires very much the same maintenance as a woodburning fireplace. Both need to be cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep on an annual basis.

When choosing gas logs, some homeowners are surprised at how many different options are available. Regardless of what choice they finally make, it is vitally important that they are vented logs and not unvented logs. Vented logs allow smoke and other combustible materials to safely exit the home, while unvented logs will allow them into the home and quickly create a dangerous situation.


Even those who consider themselves to be handy around the house should not take on this conversion themselves. Dealing with gas can be extremely hazardous and must be done by someone who is properly trained for the job. Even if it seems that things worked out well, there could be dangers that an untrained person would never know about until it was too late.

It is important to research every aspect of the conversion before hiring a contractor and getting things rolling. The Chimney Safety Institute of America is a great resource for all kinds of information concerning the fireplace and chimney. In addition to a number of great articles, their website features a tool that helps homeowners find certified professionals in their areas.

Many people love the convenience of gas logs in their fireplace but there is much more to the conversion that just convenience. Homeowners should understand the cost and the maintenance involved with this type of project before they get involved with it. The Chimney Safety Institute of America is a great starting point for doing important research prior to making a decision.