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Chimney Cleaning, Inspection, & Repair in Dover, MA

Dover MA chimney services

Our cold Massachusetts winters take their toll on our chimneys. Old age also plays a part. There are many ways for a chimney to suffer damage, and Above & Beyond Chimney Service is the solution to all of them.

Since 1997, our skilled technicians have been helping Dover homeowners with a variety of specialized services. We know how to keep your chimney system clean, safe and efficient.

annual chimney inspection, dover ma

Thorough Chimney Inspections

Another important service you should schedule once a year is a licensed chimney inspection. We provide all CSIA-recognized levels of chimney inspection, including:

  • Basic inspections covering all visible areas of your chimney
  • Real estate chimney inspections, including video imaging
  • Inspections when adding a new appliance or otherwise modifying your chimney system
  • Inspections following events such as a chimney fire, lightning strike or hail storm that could damage your chimney
  • In-depth inspections after major damage has occurred

chimney rebuilding in Dover MA

Dover Chimney Repairs

Above & Beyond offers a full range of chimney repairs throughout Dover. Whatever is wrong with your chimney or fireplace, we know how to make it right.

  • Chimney masonry repair: brick replacement & tuckpointing
  • Chimney cap: repair & new custom chimney cap installation
  • Chimney crown: rebuilding, crack repair & waterproofing
  • Chimney liner: repair & installation of new liners
  • Structural waterproofing: sealant applied to halt moisture
  • Chimney flashing: repair & replacement of damaged flashing
  • Smoke chamber parging: repairing & re-coating your chimney's smoke chamber
  • Firebox: replacing damaged bricks & general fireplace repair
  • Fireplace damper: repair & installation
  • Leaky chimneys: leak detection & damage repair

Our Dover, Massachusetts, customers count on our experienced chimney technicians to get their damaged chimneys back into good working order.

chimney rebuilding in Dover MA

Expert Chimney Rebuilding

When a chimney’s structure is severely damaged, it’s time to schedule a partial or complete chimney rebuild. The Above & Beyond crew is ready to exceed your expectations in terms of service and workmanship.

If your chimney has begun to lean to one side, or if you’re experiencing crumbling mortar and cracked bricks throughout the structure, we know exactly how to resolve the problem and restore strength and safety.

historic chimney restoration in Dover MA

Historic Chimney Restoration

Older homes in the Dover area have chimneys that present unique challenges. If you have one of these homes and aren’t sure about the condition of the chimney, let our historic chimney restoration specialists take a look.

Following a thorough inspection, we’ll be able to determine what level of restorative work is needed to bring your chimney up to code and allow it to perform with safety and efficiency for you and your loved ones.

A Clean & Safe Chimney

Above & Beyond Chimney Service is ready to help with all your chimney needs, year-round. We serve Dover MA, along with Framingham MA, Newton MA, Chestnut Hill MA, Norwood MA, and other local communities.

Speak with a chimney expert today at (781) 383-0415 or reach out through our contact form.