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When your old clay flue starts cracking, crumbling and deteriorating, you simply can’t safely enjoy a fire until repairs are made or your flue is relined. Here at Above & Beyond Chimney, we’re excited to be able to offer our customers a variety of options for resurfacing or relining flues, including the HeatShield® Chimney Repair & Resurfacing System. This amazing “Cerfractory Flue Sealant” is designed to fill in cracks, gaps and holes in mortar and clay tiles, restoring the flue and providing protection against high heat.

What Is Involved In Installation?

This versatile product can actually be applied and used in a few different ways. Depending on the state and needs of your chimney system, we may choose one of the following methods of application:

  • We May Simply Do Joint Repairs – If your flue damages are somewhat minor, we can use HeatShield® to fill in the joints and small cracks or holes. We’ll start by making an applicator blade that fits your chimney perfectly; next we’ll add the HeatShield® sealant to the hole, crack or deteriorating area and smooth over it with the applicator.
  • We May Resurface The Entire Flue – If your flue is still structurally solid but has a good amount of surface damage, we may resurface the entire flue with the HeatShield® product. This process also involves creating an applicator blade that perfectly fits your chimney, but before applying the product, we apply a “tie coat”. The “tie coat” works to prep your flue for the product, which is poured down into the flue. Using the applicator, we spread the HeatShield® sealant evenly over the entire surface of the flue, filling in all cracks and holes.
  • We May Opt To Use The CeCure Sleeve Relining System – If your clay flue is beyond repair, we may opt to use HeatShield® with the CeCure Sleeve Relining System. During this procedure, we start with a layer of HeatShield®, drop down a “CeCure Sleeve”, and then add another coat of HeatShield® over the sleeve.

Our Technicians Are Trained To Provide Proper Installation

Each and every HeatShield® installer is trained on proper procedures and installation and must receive a certification from the manufacturer before using the product. So when you trust Above & Beyond to install HeatShield® in your home, you can be confident in the results.

To learn more about the HeatShield® product, or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 781-383-0415!


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Todd first came by to check out my chimney in the Fall. He said it needed to be re-lined, but that we should wait until Spring. Last weekend he stopped by to check in and let me know he could do the work in the upcoming week. I appreciated that he came back around 6 months later! The job was done in a timely manner, and he kept me informed as things progressed. He showed me the work he did, and left the work area clean. I was happy with his communication throughout, as well as the job done. I would highly recommend Todd for any chimney work!
~ J.B.