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Chimney & Fireplace FAQ – Info You Can Use

Chimneys and fireplaces are pretty straightforward when it comes to how to use them and what they’ll do for you. But there’s more to both than meets the eye. Here are some FAQs about chimneys and fireplaces that will help you get more out of them and keep them running safely. Q: How can I Read more

Historic Chimney Restoration

If you have a historic home built in the early 1900s or before, it’s safe to say you didn’t buy it new. If you’re actively involved in upgrading and restoring this home, it’s safe to say you know how many challenges (and costs) can be involved. A key part of historic homes is the fireplace Read more

How Summer Storms Can Affect Your Chimney

With the warm weather and sunshine that summer brings, most homeowners don’t normally think about the chimney when trying to stay cool. However, summer storms can be just as devastating to your chimney as the cold winter weather. The warm, humid conditions with bouts of rain, lightning, and strong wind gusts can sprout water leaks Read more

About Fireplaces: Choosing, Using and Safeguarding

If you’ve been considering bringing a new fireplace into your home, or if you already have one and want to keep the chimney safe and clean so you can get the most out of it, here are some helpful points. Two main types of fireplaces The majority of fireplaces are fueled by either gas or Read more

Mold in Chimneys: What You Need to Know

For mold to grow, certain conditions must be present. Mold thrives in areas that a poorly ventilated, dark and damp. Most chimneys provide at least the first two conditions. Chimneys that leak for any number of reasons provide the third and can lead to a very serious outbreak of harmful mold. Mold dangers As a Read more