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Fireplace Dampers Save Money From Going Out The Chimney

Fireplaces serve as sophisticated, functional additions to any home. In the chilly Framingham winters, cozying up in front of a softly flickering fire makes for a lovely evening. As the drifts of snow pile up, the fireplace keeps the home comfortably warm and inviting. Even during the warmer months, the fireplace acts as a beautiful Read more

Protecting Your Home From Animals Coming Down The Chimney

Animals are cute and cuddly, and we love watching funny videos of them on YouTube. But they stop being cute and fun when they start invading our personal space, namely our chimneys. Since the beginning of the chimney industry, animals have been one of the top concerns of homeowners and chimney professionals alike. Our team Read more

What’s Causing Mold To Grow In My Chimney?

Do you suspect that your chimney has a mold problem? If you live in the Framingham , South Shore, or Cape Cod area, we hope you will contact Above & Beyond Chimney Service to remove this fungus, which may be harmful to your health and which indicates a moisture problem with your chimney that will Read more

6 Questions to Ask Your Chimney Sweep

When choosing a chimney sweep it is important to ask the right questions… Read more

Important Things You Need To Know About Your Chimney Damper

Already partway through November, nearly half of fall has passed and winter is only a few short weeks away. Soon, the clocks roll back an hour, and the days will continue to shrink until we experience only a few short hours of daylight. Any hints of an Indian summer are long gone, and everyone has Read more