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Chimney Cleaning for Better Health

Most people don’t pay much attention to their chimneys – we just get a fire going and let the chimney do its work. But the nature of chimneys makes them potentially problematic where our health is concerned, and this is something you should pay attention to. Here are some facts. Chimney cleaning basics Chimney cleaning, Read more

Signs Your Chimney or Fireplace Needs Servicing

Chimneys are a low cleaning and maintenance priority in most homes. Much of the chimney is unseen, and “out of sight, out of mind” is how many homeowners approach chimney service care. Indications your chimney or fireplace needs attention Take a look at the obvious: Crumbling mortar or brick on the outside near your chimney Read more

A Chimney Cap Saves Money & Protects Your Home

Chimney caps and flue covers sit on top of chimneys and provide a wide level of protection for your chimney and home. If you’re using your chimney without some kind of cover, you’re setting yourself up for expensive damage and possibly dangerous operating conditions. Here’s what you need to know about chimney caps. Chimney caps Read more

Chimney Repairs You Need To Do Right Away

Fireplaces are built to withstand high temperatures and caustic fumes. The chimney is built to stand strong through storms and harsh climates. Overtime, fireplaces and chimneys can deteriorate. Taking care of these five chimney repairs quickly can prevent more expensive repairs in the future. #1. Replace a Missing or Damaged Chimney Cap A chimney cap Read more

Maintenance Needed for Gas Fireplaces

A lot of homeowners wonder about the best way to maintain a gas-burning fireplace. Everyone knows that wood fireplaces need a fair amount of cleaning and maintenance, but what about gas appliances, which burn a much cleaner fuel? The simple answer is: gas fireplaces should be inspected once a year, but the maintenance won’t be Read more