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We Fix & Clean Chimneys In Hingham MA

hingham ma chimney service

Over the years, chimneys can fall into disrepair, making them inefficient and unsafe. Above & Beyond Chimney Service works hard for our Hingham MA customers to solve chimney problems quickly and keep their homes and families safe all year long.

Chimney Cleaning In Hingham MA

Chimney Sweep In Hingham MA

The job of a chimney sweep is two-fold:

  1. Remove flammable creosote from your chimney flue
  2. Remove drafting obstructions such as leaves, twigs, falling fruit and the nests of small animals like squirrels and birds

Our technicians are certified through the Full Training – the highest industry certification available – and bring extensive hands-on experience to chimney sweeping jobs.

The majority of chimney fires and many instances of carbon monoxide poisoning are the result of a chimney that wasn’t kept professionally cleaned.

chimney inspection in Hingham MA

Chimney Inspections

Our Hingham customers schedule annual chimney inspections with our team to learn of damage and malfunction issues before they get out of hand. Regular inspections can save you thousands of dollars by getting repair work done when it’s needed.

We offer all three universally recognized levels of chimney inspection:

Level 1: Basic inspection covering all visible parts of your chimney.

Level 2: Called for when:

  • You’re modifying your system such as by relining or connecting a new appliance
  • An event or malfunction is thought to have caused damage
  • The home is being sold

Level 3: Necessary when significant damage is known to exist.

We perform chimney inspections year-round throughout the Hingham MA area.

chimney flashing repair in Hingham MA

Chimney Repairs

Call Above & Beyond first for experienced chimney repair. Our team knows your chimney inside and out and will perform their jobs in a way that causes minimal disruption to your home life.

Chimney liner repair/replacement: We’ll fix your damaged liner or add a new, powerful stainless steel liner for years of protection. We offer HeatShield liner restorations.

Masonry waterproofing: Before minor cracks in the masonry allow damaging water in, we’ll seal those cracks and extend the life of your chimney.

Chimney cap repair/installation: We repair all types of chimney caps and flue top caps; we install new custom full-width chimney caps.

Chimney flashing repair/installation: We’ll help you protect the inside of your home by repairing or replacing damaged flashing that keeps water out of the gap between your chimney and roof.

Damper repair/replacement: We provide fireplace damper installation as well as repair of throat dampers and top-mount dampers.

chimney masonry repair & rebuild in Hingham MA

Chimney Masonry Rebuild

When the structure of your Hingham chimney is seriously damaged, you need the right solution to restore soundness and safety to the system. Our chimney rebuilding and masonry work includes:

Full or partial chimney rebuilding

We’ll rebuild your chimney structure from the ground up or just the parts that have become vulnerable. You’ll be amazed at the result of having our experienced masons do this intricate work. Ask us about historic chimney restorations!


When mortar begins to crumble, your chimney may soon be at risk of leaning or collapsing in the future. Solve the problem with tuckpointing, whereby we replace missing mortar with a strong new compound.

Chimney crown rebuild

Cracks in your chimney crown will allow water to get inside and freeze, which causes expansion and further damage. We can water-seal small cracks in the crown and rebuild crowns with more significant damage.

Brick repair

Our certified technicians do a lot of chimney brick repair throughout Hingham and neighboring communities. Harsh weather and old age play havoc with chimney bricks. We provide expert brick repair and brick replacement service year-round.

Above and Beyond Chimney Service is here to bring safety and efficiency to your Hingham MA chimney. Call us today at (781) 383-0415 with questions or to arrange an appointment.